Pilots set-up muscles for 2017

Ricciardo builds his mucles

Pilots are preparing themselves for this new F1 season. They are doing it through a hard physical training: the new cars will be more difficult and physical demanding to guide.

Many pilots are forced to do twelve session of training in five days to start building their muscles. This is the weekly menu, for example, of Valtteri Bottas. Mercedes new purchase, he is focused on the imminent start of this new season of Formula 1. But for sure, the Finnish pilot is not the only one to work intensely on his physical stamina. According to the esteem, the new F1 cars of 2017 will be around 4 seconds faster on each turn, able to face a curve at high speed due to an increase on their aerodynamic load. This increment will be around 40 km/hr and the gravitational acceleration will reach a value up to 5Gs in some circuits.

It is clear, more muscles will be necessary to counteract those forces, so to be capable to control and drive the car. A specific training has been set-up by each pilot to be ready, something pretty different from the old training programs followed in the last years. Ricciardo explains in short, this program as less bike and more weights:

“Last year, as well as in the previous seasons, any training program was focused to hold low weights but to improve resistance. Today, we are focusing to increase my musculature to face the forces our car will generate. Now we can push more weight and set-up more muscles. It will be a big challenge but funny”

Carlos Sainz Junior train his neck

Carlos Sainz Junior has declared that at the moment, he can not even imagine what it will be to drive the new car:

“Probably, our new car will push us to an extreme level. I am preparing for the worse… I think I will face an achy neck and a rate of 180 heartbeats after the first 5 turns of my first test in Barcelona. Normally, I was starting my training program the 2nd of January but this year, I have decided to anticipate to the 26th of December of last year. I am aware that this time the physical engagement will be more intense”

Verstappen in the gym

Therefore, everybody are going to the gym, beginning from Max Verstappen that makes a retract of himself while he push-up a weight like a professional body-builder, focusing to outcry:

“No pain, no glory”

Keving Magnusen, Niko Hulkenberg, Daniel Ricciardo, Lewis Hamilton or Kimi Raikkonen are not less than him and they sweat on their weights too.

Hamilton in the gym

It is pretty clear next F1 world champion must be healthy and in a good shape.

What about you?

Are you ready to accept a virtual challenge and train like a F1 pilot in your local gym?

King Bernie deposed. The end of an era

Bernie is out of F1After 60 years of a long career in F1, Ecclestone was put aside while in the Circus a new era is starting. Many people said, it would never going to happen. Along many years, we moved forward thinking it was impossible to see a F1 without Bernie Ecclestone. Now, it is real… Even if this situation has an aftertaste quite bitter. Mainly, because it is an end of a long era. Mister Bernie is 86 years old, he is not the leader of the corporation which controlled the Formula 1 for a long, long period of time.

His role is taken by Chase Carey, mister moustache in charge of Liberty Media. His long smiles given during many GPs in 2016, where sometimes alternated with serious faces when he understood leaving Ecclestone in the F1, it was blocking him from having freedom of action and power.

Bernie Eccleston is 86 years old

Now, Bernie is out of the game but this new era is full of doubts. Something inevitable, any time there is a change. If you listen the proclaims of the new masters, it is pretty clear we will see a revolution in the near future to take place. Ecclestone made clear, he has no intentions to create an alternative competition capable to battle with F1 and the FIA:

“I built this competition around the world in the last 50 years, something I am very proud. Last thing, I would like to do it is to damage it. New masters of this motorsport, they will be capable to manage this organization properly but in a different way”

Manor F1 racing team closed

Meanwhile, the new owners have to face the drop-out of Manor F1 team. Another box is shutter down, another race story is over. Last 27th of January all employees (212 men and women) were left home without a job. Teams agreement provides a space for 12 teams, so there is an empty space for at least two more teams.

Would you like to set up an Australian Formula 1 team?

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