Austria F1 GP: Mixed Feelings

Many situations during this crazy race created a chaos and give an opportunity to start a discussion about the GP of Spielberg. Vettel was forced to leave due to a collapse of his tire, becoming impossible to see him fighting for the championship in the next races.

Hamilton and Rosberg decided to touched once again but in a rough way making impossible to fix their relationship ever. Rosberg was left without yellow band tires, so he delayed his pit-stop to use some red band tires while Hamilton decided to use the soft one (Yellow band tires). This difference created the opportunity to see another battle between the Mercedes pilots where Rosberg got the worst consequences.

Hamilton surprised everybody because he was able to perform 24 laps just with an ultra-soft tires set. In fact, many people noticed a change in Hamilton’s driving behavior, he was capable to adapt himself and save those tires which are not performant so to be able to go wild with those more performant. In the old times, he was less cold and simply pushing no matter what compound was using.

Ricciardo got a satisfactory fifth place even if during last pit-stop, decided to use the ultra-soft to give an attempt and overtake someone else. It did not work as planned but Red Bull is making a step-by-step approach to come back to fight for the championship. This year, either their chassis or their engine are working properly giving a better opportunity to get better results. Anything is more reliable, just few human errors created some bad results.

Behind a nice race was performed by Felipe Nasr, Jenson Button, Esteban Gutierres and Pascal Wehrlain. German pilot did his first race with the Manor and a nice show which forced Magnusen to zigzag defending his position from an inevitable overtake. A disappointment was given by Williams and its pilots: Bottas and Massa. This team last year was appearing to be capable to become the new Red Bull but in reality, they were simply a bluff. Their car is not very competitive anymore, even if they use a Mercedes engine.

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