Bahrain: Kvyat is Looking for a Redemption

First week-end of this season was not very good for Daniil Kvyat, after a bad qualifying (Out after Q1) and a race he did not even started, he is looking to get a better conclusion in Bahrain. Last year he got just a ninth place after the race. Today, his Red Bull is different with a reliable power-unit and a chassis capable to be a strong asset. Braking followed by a fast acceleration are required to be competitive in Sakhir’s track, as well as a fast rate of turn in the middle area. This is something RB12, it is very good at. What is really important, it is to check if there will be a big disadvantage on the straight lines, in fact this circuit is long 5.400 meters and there are three important straights :

It is a nice track, it might appear to be a modern and simple circuit but it is quite a challenge to make a lap. Last year, I faced some problems even if the race was fine like when I was racing with Toro Rosso. Today, we think we are quite competitive due to the improvements we got so it would be fantastic if we can get some points with both cars

Riicciardo thinks Bahrain suit RB12 car and Red Bull Racing Team

One strategy used to obtain this result, it will be select properly the tires. This is the reason the team chose five soft, two middle and six super-soft tires. About Pirelli and tires selection our Ricciardo has a clear opinion:

It is a night race and it is very funny to compete here. Tires can be used for a longer period of time, allowing to push harder. There is not a particular turn to keep in mind, something capable to give you a “wow” feeling. At the end, this is a nice circuit while the central area is pretty funny. If you are able to stay closer after last turn, DRS can be used in some places like turn number 1 or if possible in the turn number 4. Even in the central area there are four potential points where to try an overtake but it is easy to make a mistake. This is a track which suit us…

Horner is optimistic about Bahrain GP 2016

Christian Horner is another one looking forward with optimism to compete in Bahrain. thank to the confirmation to have created a good chassis, the director of Red Bull is pretty comfortable:

Our chassis is working quite well and tires decay was good so far. In the last GP, our stints were long enough like those of the top teams. In Bahrain, China and Russia, I mean a real circuit, it will be easier to understand our real value. We will get a clear indication how far we are from the most competitive ones

It is pretty clear this car is much better than last one and this is a good new for all the fans like us. What will be nice to see it is if this improvement will be good enough to last along the entire season because in this case we are going to have a lots of fun with Dani and Kvyat…

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