Bahrain: Rosberg won the Race

Great victory of Rosberg who advanced Raikkonen like last year. Hamilton was third while Vettel terminated his race even before to start it, blocked by a failure in the alignment lap. Ricciardo and Grosejan ended their race very close to the podium. Nice result, the one obtained by the Australian pilot but great race that done by the French pilot and his Haas team. This time they were not helped by anybody and by any safety-car.

Interesting even the sixth place of Verstappen who finished before Kvyat, Massa and Bottas (Punished with a drive-through and 2 points of penalty on his license due to a collision with Hamilton just after start). Fantastic race the one performed by Vandoorne, who gave the first points to McLaren-Honda after obtaining a 10th place. He was replacing Fernando Alonso after the terrible crash of Melbourne. Those who drop-out from the competition are: Sainz, Gutierrez, Button, Vettel and Palmer.

Bahrain Circuit at sunset

Sebastian Vettel did not even started, like Schumacher in Magny Cours in 1996, due to an engine problem. He understood immediately, there was something specific, in fact he screamed by radio: “Engine Failure”. After the race, he gave this comment about what happened:

I did notice anything particular before to start, I suddenly just saw a lots of smoke while loosing power. I do not have any particular feeling, to be honest I did not even sweat. It has been a very short race, pretty frustrating. We have to see what happened and what was the reason. I mean, we must discover if it was the engine or something else

By experience, when there is that amount of smoke, it does not mean it is always bottom of the engine to collapse. If from a normal engine, some oil is leaking, this is an indication the oil-sump broke apart where the oil was contained. When a turbo-engine has a catastrophic failure, a white smoke might be produced by a collapse inside the turbine producing an oil leak. This oil, once in contact with hot metal, can produce that amount of smoke we saw on television.

It is quite possible this failure creates a situation where it is necessary to change the engine. Normally, when a turbine is broken some debris destroy big part of the stacked piston. If the collapse was an injector, a mechanical problem less important, this can produce some detonations inside combustion chamber and therefore a huge thermal stress for an engine. In that case, another engine must be used. Vettel will be forced to use another one and to put aside the first engine 061-H while performing last 19 races with only 4 engines. This drop-out was the first time Vettel could not start a GP, creating a particular negative record for the German pilot.

Ricciardo on pit-lane Bahrain 2016

Speaking about Red Bull, this was not an easy race the one done in Bahrain. Daniel became fourth after start but he damaged his front wing due to a collision with Bottas. He did not have to go into the box and he could stay always in front line, even more he was the only one to use all tires at his disposal. Finally, the result allows him to be third in the final list with 6 points of margin against Raikkonen. This is how our Australian pilot talked about his race:

The start was… Interesting. I did not move perfectly and I noticed a lots of chaos creating in front of me on the first turn. I gave a try to exploit this situation but I created some damages to my front wing when I touched with Bottas. There was a moment where I thought to go back to box and get a new one. At the end, we could race fine and I even struggled with a Williams for a couple of laps. The damage was small and not influential. We did a nice race, obtaining a good amount of points

This means, at the end it was not so bad…

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