Ricciardo: I breathe again just after finishing line

A great third position for our Australian driver, a disappointment for Verstappen forced to drop-out.

From a speed point of view, Red Bull’s cars are not so close to Ferrari and Mercedes but during a race they must be taken
into account. Even if Ferrari got some problems, it is also true those things were not the reason Verstappen was second
for a while after start. Daniel did a nice result finishing third and his comment was this:

“I had a very good start, even so it was very tough but to be forced to use soft tire was a very good thing to get until the end.

When Sergio was close to me, I could not afford any little mistake. Mainly in last sector, to do not allow him to use his DRS.

It was not very easy because our grip was pretty low and there was a bit of wind. It has not been one of the easiest third place
of my career, when I saw the flag and the finishing line I thought: yes, now I can finally breathe.

About the shoey on the podium ? I did not want to do yet. Then, those chorus of praise and Sir Pratick I had to do it.

Leaving Montreal with a podium, which is one of the most complex track of this season, it is a positive result. It is a pity for Max
but he is doing a good job”

Instead, a terrible race those made by Ferrari. Justa fter start a couple of touchs forced Vettel to change his front wing. Finally, the German pilot recovered finishing fourth while saving what he could. At the end, he is still leading the championship with an advantage of 12 points over Hamilton. The British pilot achieved his 56th victory. a race dominated over Bottas who finished 2nd but at 20 seconds from the leaders. As said, third place for our Ricciardo (35 seconds of delay) who defended his position against Vettel (just 0,6 seconds from Daniel). Nice race the one done by Perez and Ocon who finished 5th and 6th at 4 seconds from Vettel. They battled each other costantly, even by radio.

Raikkonen could be in this battle but some technical problems, forced him to focus only to defend his 7th position from Hulkenberg (1,7 seconds behind). Stroll got his first points during his home race, even if one lap from the leader. Massa was torpedo during first lap from Sainz due to a contact with Grosjean.

What about Alonso ? Forced to leave race by… An engine failure… Do I need to mention it ?

In short, a funny race a bit unluck for Ferrari and Alonso but nice for our Daniel. We will see if this series of good results, it will carry on even during the next GP. This time at Baku within two weeks where we hope to notice another improvement in the engine as well as the chassis. Daniel is doing a good job this year, if the car is going to do another step there is an important possibility to watch our Australian driver to compete for a F1 championship.

pinit fg en rect red 28 - Ricciardo: I breathe again just after finishing line

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