Published 2015 Budget of F1 Teams

They are staggering figures, but they are very much indeed describing the fact F1 is not running out of gas at all. There are enough funds to move into a safe future. No data is by itself a surprising thing, but it is a clear picture of an astonishing amount of money invested every season.

We are talking about the top 10 teams racing in 2015 F1 Championship. A resume of those numbers are very useful to understand what is the actual health of the Circus. Four teams (at least on the amount of money they got) are dominating the scene and their seasonal investment is over 400 million of Euro per year. One of the richest is Red Bull Racing Team, preceding Mercedes and McLaren-Honda not much. Fourth is Ferrari Team, but it is necessary to be precise because while in Ferrari sponsors are very well defined, Mercedes includes in the sponsor lists even some companies which are very much some kind of technical partners. It is really impressive what a huge difference there is among the four top-teams and the others. The fifth team in this list, Williams Racing Team, is left behind by 232 million Euro from Ferrari and 282 million Euro from Red Bull ! After there are Lotus, Toro Rosso and the others with the Manor Team closing this list with just 83 million Euro. In this case there is a particular situation because Manor has not built a new car but used the old one. This British team can generate at the end of this season an important amount of profits very useful to pay their debts.

A sum of all those budgets is giving an amazing total amount of 2,5 billion Euro ! One billion is generated by all the sponsors while another one by the TV contracts. It is quite funny to read those talking about a F1 in economical crisis (these numbers are quite indeed giving a different picture). Therefore if there are problems, those are mainly two:  a wrong way those dividends are given to all teams and how they are invested by each team. Anything else is just chattering. Red Bull might, for instance, start to invest some of their money to build, create and test their own engine and power-unit in lieu of using and external supplier which proved to be deeply unreliable. Vice versa, so far they lost their time to complain with Renault without getting any important result.

Meanwhile, FIA has decided to do not accept two new teams in 2016. Just the team Haas was approved and they will start to race in 2016. One reason was the lack of some important criteria, considered fundamental by FIA to obtain a F1 license. Jean Todt talked about this news and his comment has been:

We received two new candidature but none of them where following our requirements so there was not very much to discuss about it

Those requirements are examining technical skills of the employees, financial budget, amount of sponsors available to financially support the team, experience and a wide evaluation of the brand itself. This kind of selection was introduced to protect F1 in the long term and prove it to be a serious competition. Any indication about the identity of those teams was not released but FIA is saying none of them is ART Grand Prix Team actually racing in GP2 and calling the attention of many.

Budget F1 Team 2015


Team     Total      Sponsors  Partners    TV-Fom
Red Bull Racing 468.7  266.0  35.7 167.0
Mercedes  467.4 122.0 212.4 133.0
McLaren Honda 465.0 144.5 216.5 104.0
Ferrari   418.0   208.5 34.5 175.0
Williams  186.4 52.5 22.9 111.0
Lotus 139.1 69.5 13.6 56.0
Toro Rosso 137.4 68.0 9.4 60.0
Force India 129.7  49.5 12.2 68.0
Sauber 103.2    44.0 9.25 50.0
Manor  83.0 0.5 32.5 50.0
Total   2598 1025 599 974

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