Daniel the Shoemaker

Our Australian got his first victory of this season beating Verstappen in an exciting battle, revenging those missed opportunities in Monaco and Barcellona. GP of Malaysia finished with an incredible Daniel Ricciardo show. On the podium a smiling Australian forced anybody else (Horner, Verstappen and Rosberg) to undergo with a shoey like the one done in Spa this year, in fact at the end Daniel was without shoes.

Rosberg was really happy to do it after a race where it was the last one due to bad luck but ending third and before Lewis who dropped-out. He accepted the unusual glass with pleasure and fun. Verstappen joined it but like if it was a bitter cup. The Dutch pilot was initially involved in the crash between Vettel and Rosberg but he did not damaged his car. After that he tried to win the race in any possible way, even if it was necessary to shoot down his team-mate. During lap 39, Hamilton was leading the race without any potential problem, followed by Ricciardo and a turbulent Verstappen. Max was feeling his tires where in a better condition, so he started to complain by radio:

Ricciardo is slowing me down

This action was a way to twist Red Bulls arm and forced Daniel to give him way. This time the Australian pilot understood the tactic (One Verstappen used a couple of times with Sainz when he was in Toro Rosso). Even if he is a team-mate, Ricciardo knew what was the reason of those radio communication and he decided to keep the second place. In fact, two laps later Hamilton watched his W07 car going on fire (It is possible even the championship is over), allowing our Australian to become the leader.

When Hamiltons engine caught on fire, the virtual safety car was declared and both Red Bulls pilots came in to change their tires. When out, Ricciardo was alone and without anybody annoying him. This helped him to have a good pace to the victory:

Today, it has been a big challenge. Lewis was leading from the beginning but after he faced a technical problem. I do not believe in Karma but this time everything was different if compared with Monte-Carlo, so I love to enjoy this victory!

During the GP of Monaco, he lost his race due to a mistake in the last pit-stop done by his team while the week-end before, a wrong strategy selected by his team, it did not allow to win the Barcelona Grand Prix. It looks this time destiny was on his side and gave him a deserved victory. One waited from a long time, in fact last one was in Belgium during 2014:

I am still very excited! A couple of weeks ago, I said we could win a race but I believed it was not this one. I had the opportunity and I used it. Me and Max performed a nice fight without any dirty movement, I am sure we have enjoyed it. My tires were more degenerates than his ones but I was more than resolute to keep ones distance

pinit fg en rect red 28 - Daniel the Shoemaker