Ecclestone: Brawn good for FIA

Bernie talks about a rumor related with Ross Brawn and his involvement in Liberty Media as CEO. He said such unconfirmed reports are not true. Many believes there is already an agreement to allow Brawn to come-back in F1 working together with Liberty Media. In reality, this is not true because he was contacted to become just an advisor. Ross Brawn is not happy about this opportunity, he wants a more important role: one capable to change and improve the Formula 1.

In the meantime, that role is under control of Bernie Ecclestone who confirms he will remain the only controller of any economical agreement like a Domus Maximum. This is a message given to Liberty Media too. In fact, the American corporation must pay another big amount of money before to become the owner of F1 business:

Liberty Media is not in a position to decide what is right or wrong. Chase Carey covered the role of Peter Brabeck as President but they do not control this business yet.  They have, so far, just 10% of the entire stocks, so I am still the main CEO. If Liberty will take control, they will then be in a position to take decisions

Another point Ecclestone loved to make clear is where Ross Brawn might go if called. When someone wants to manage the rules capable to affect Formula 1, it would be necessary to check firmly that decision process system: advisors, strategy group and FIA. Ecclestone believes Brawn would be the perfect candidate to cover a role in FIA instead to be in Liberty Media. He could improve the F1 while being a point of junction between Federation and the teams:

I would be really happy if he will cover a role in FIA. I would be the right person in the Federation. We do not talk each other from a long-time, so I do not have a clue what he would like to do. We do not need an engineer in Liberty Media or anybody else with his qualifications. I do not have any problem to deal with Chase Carey but if he would like to decide to hire him, he has to ask my opinion Until now, he can not do something else

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