F1 will Become Digital

Chase Carey has a clear idea: move the F1 into the digital area and to make it a global sport. This man with a big mustache, like if he was coming out from a western movie, he is the new owner of F1. We said quite enough about this agreement and Liberty Media Corporation. Ecclestone is already working together with Carey to raise and increase the F1 business even further. When they asked about the reason he bought a business like the F1 with a main audience in Europe, he said:

Liberty Media Group is based in America, while F1 is a global sport and event. We think U.S.A., as well as Asia, they are very important areas where there is an opportunity to spread out our business. Perhaps, there was not a proper introduction in the past so we will change this approach: this is an important target for us. It is too early to talk about our ideas, we have a business plan to develop in America. I do not want to blame anyone or the way F1 was managed in the past, this is a big brand and this mean it is necessary to race in locations like Los Angeles, New York or Miami: I mean if possible in all the big cities around the world

Even so, it will be quite difficult to see more GPs in America or Asia, so far there are already 21 races. It is impossible to extend a season forever. One new race will substitute and old one What is necessary to understand, it is if F1 will be compatible with the idea of motor-sport inside the American public mind. Even Ecclestone said that to have success in the American area, it would be necessary to make at least ten GPs, sell tickets almost for nothing while selling a lots of hot dogs around the circuit. Carey is not worry about the future at all:

F1 has three major points: cars, technology and its driving stars. Together with those big events called races, it is a great product

His main idea, it will be to give this live experience to those who never watched a F1 race. There are millions of people around the globe and a new way will be used to get this result. One reason is to reduce the cost to get closer to those people, another one is to use the new digital system to get a happy ending. This is an important concept because first of all Liberty Media is a corporation which used phone technology, followed by television and now digital technology to give information to its public. This was always its core business. Carey always said, he has no experience about F1 or racing like Bernie Ecclestone. Vice versa, he is a very competent manager about media and social network. It is quite simple to read the future, we will watch a F1 race more and more on digital platforms while the Circus will more present on social media but not free because like the Americans like to say: Business is business.

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