GP Malaysia: Magic Ricciardo

Ricciardo is the winner of Malaysia, before Verstappen and Rosberg, who did an amazing comeback from the last to a third final position after a contact with Vettel after start. Hamilton did not finish the race due to a failure of his engine, followed by big flame. This race has been a great show where Ricciardo got, a well deserved, victory using every opportunity he got on his way. He was very good to defend himself from any attack or challenge created by his team-mate Verstappen at the same time. This is his first victory of this season, but he is not revengeful at all about the past. He just loves to enjoy the moment:

Amazing job. I am really happy and satisfied about the car, my team and all my fans Yeah. After start, I just focused to do not be involved in any incident. Suddenly, I saw that crash between Vettel and Rosberg So, what I wanted it was just to do not damage the car. Today, it was really hot but I did not notice it too much. During last pit-stop, I was a bit worry but today anybody was professional and perfect. I want to thank my family, my team, all the fans and dedicate this victory to Jules Bianchi

Raikkonen could not do too much about the recovery of Rosberg and he finished 4th. A nice job what Bottas did, his 5th place allowed him to come before Perez and his Force India. Alonso was another pilot capable to do a nice race, starting from the last row on the pit-lane, he finished 7th before Hulkenberg and Button. The British pilot was pretty unlucky to perform his pit-stop at the wrong moment when there was a virtual safety car on the track, losing an important opportunity. Nice 10th place, the one obtained from Palmer. In such way, he got his first points in this season. An important result for this young pilot.

malaysiab16 - GP Malaysia: Magic Ricciardo

This result is allowing Rosberg to gain 23 points of advantage over Hamilton, while Ricciardo is now with 44 points more than Raikkonen. Vettel is 5th, while Raikkonen is moving up one position and he is 4th. Sebastian made a big mess just after start, he created an incident at turn-1 when he got in contact with Rosberg and damaged his SF16-H. Verstappen was forced to drop-out while Rosberg moved back to last position. Ferraris pilot gave this comment after race:

Our race did not last too long. I did a good start, I gave a try to overtake Verstappen during braking. We were both in turn-1, one Mercedes in front of mine moved inside and I was not able to slow down so to avoid the crash. After I could not do too much. It is clear this is not the kind of race we wanted to do

malaysia16 crash - GP Malaysia: Magic Ricciardo

Due to this maneuver, race director decided to penalize Sebastian with 10 position more in Japan (Next race). When asked about this event, Verstappen talked about the crash in this way:

He is crazy, he came against Rosberg like an idiot

Coming back to Daniel, what can we say ? Amazing race, Ricciardo finally got a great result. His team was perfect, they did not fall into any mistake like in Monte-Carlo or select ineffective strategies like in Singapore. Today, it was Daniel to perform a shoey during the awarding, enjoying a nice drop of champagne (Well done!). In his interview, the Australian driver decided to dedicate his victory to Jules Bianchi: we join this dedication as one of his fans community! This nice action is another prove about the value and mankind of our great Australian champion.

That is the reason we like him !

pinit fg en rect red 28 - GP Malaysia: Magic Ricciardo