GP of Australia: Rosberg is the winner

One corner was necessary, the first after start, to give another face to the race. Vettel was first, thanks to a better start while Raikkonen was second enjoying the battle between Rosberg and Hamilton who obstructed each other. At the end, British pilot dropped to fifth place. Suddenly, a big crash at lap 17th between Gutierrez and Alonso forced to stop the race with a red flag. During this phase, Rosberg decided to come back using some harder tires (something Hamilton has done from the very beginning). Mercedes believed this kind of tire were more stable and reliable while Ferrari decided to do not change its strategy, so they were forced to stop before the end to change the super-soft tires with some soft tires.

Raikkonen could not finish because he experienced a technical problem with smoke coming-out from air-scope. This changed the chance for Ferrari to win the race and helped Mercedes to deal with a wild Vettel attacking Hamilton to get his second place. This battle continued until Vettel made a small mistake during a braking (Something he apologized with his team by radio).

So another podium where Vettel is once again third behind Mercedes like last year, even if this time it has a different taste because Ferrari was able to battle with Mercedes. Another one, who did a great race it was Grosejan who finished 6th behind Ricciardo and Massa (Good job done by both pilots). Car and pilots are proving to be very competitive, if we think the Haas team was at its debut. They even used properly the red flag situation to their own advantage. Hulkenberg, Bottas, Sainz and Verstappen are the other pilots who finished with a nice result, but many people are a bit disappointed by Toro Rosso. At the end, it is almost a relief it did not terminate even worse when Verstappen hit Carlos Sainz during a braking, ending with the car spun right round. Unlucky the race of Kvyat, who could not start the GP due to an electrical problem.

Alonso crashed in a horrific accident at turn number 3. Pilot was safe

Main event which marked this Australian race, worrying everybody and blocking temporarily the competition, tt was the horrific accident experienced at lap 17th between Esteban Gutierrez and Fernando Alonso. A crash resembling those experienced by Martin Brundle and Jacques Villeneuve a couple of years ago at turn number 3. The car was fully destroyed, but even if the car turned upside down a couple of times, the cockpit was able to protect the pilot. McLaren ended against the wall but Alonso was able to get-out immediately and to talk about this experience:

This was a race incident, nobody is guilty. I tried to overtake Gutierrez but it is possible I broke a bit late…Perhaps, he broke a bit early to defend his position but what really matters it is we are both fine. In that moment, you see just the sky and ground turning around. I wanted to get out to calm down those watching TV like my mother. I would like to thank FIA and McLaren because they are making strong cars. We proved these F1 are very safe. Few years ago this crash would have been really serious

Alonso and Gutierrez hug after the accident

Medical check done on Spanish pilot confirmed there is not any particular problem and he can race soon. Pretty nice the hug between Alonso and Gutierrez once both pilots came-out of their cars…

pinit fg en rect red 28 - GP of Australia: Rosberg is the winner