GP of China, Rebuke to Ricciardo

An official rebuke to Daniel because he was late during Chinese national anthem. He came when ceremony was already going on before race start.

Ricciardo late to China

Shanghai – An official warning was given to Daniel Ricciardo, leading character of an unforeseen event experienced in the GP of China. Our Red Bull’s pilot came late to the Chinese national anthem, when pilots witness it motionless. He was not the only one, even Perez arrived late but for Ricciardo was the first time. Instead Sergio Perez did it already another time, hence this was the second official warning received: Ricciardo got his first one.

Hamilton winner of Shanghai

About the race, Hamilton was the leader with a competitive Vettel behind. We watched a long series of emotions where the German pilot was a devil, overtaking many pilots one after another. Third Verstappen before Ricciardo and Raikkonen.

A bit of suspense, there was before the start when Hamilton was not sure about what tires to select. Finally, Hamilton chose the green band like anybody else (This due to the wet track). He started in a perfect way and from there he controlled the race with the end, winning the GP of china. Vettel could not take advantage of the different race events, on the contrary he was damaged by the safety car called-out by an incident of Giovinazzi. After that he collected an overtake after another to gain a second place which is giving him the first position in the Championship at 43 points like Hamilton. Third podium of Verstappen who did a fair race even if Ricciardo was faster at the end but not enough to overtake him. Very close all the pilots from third to sixth place (less than three seconds of gap) with Raikkonen fifth after a difficult race and Bottas sixth but just behind his back. Another terrific race performed by Carlos Sainz, seventh and the only one to start with slick tires.

Chinese GP 2017

Positive the competition of Force India with Perez ninth and Ocon tenth. Those disappointed are the team of Renault, Williams and mainly McLaren even if Alonso was fighting until the end in those positions where it is possible to get some points but finally he was compelled to drop-out.

There is a good preamble for the next race: Bahrain! It will be just the next week and all the teams are already moving to be there. See you in Bahrain

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