GP USA: fight in zone behind the front

It was behind where there was an incredible show, where Alonso, Sainz and Massa struggled together to get the fifth place. Lewis Hamilton, this time, did not make any mistake during start and after the first turn launched himself to his 50th victory. Nico Rosberg did not want to risk more than necessary against a competitive Ricciardo, so he finally finished second keeping 26 points of advantage in the Championship. The Australian pilot could only get the third place on the podium as well as another satisfaction to drink from his shoe.

If we talk about the first three positions, it would look like the race was not very thrilling but in reality there were quite many situations going on. Max Verstappen was not very luck, even if he did some mistakes. Firstful, he was forced to make his first pit-stop in advance. Keeping in mind he had some soft tires, if this was an undercut it did not work. Next pit-stop, he surprised his team which was unready, finishing without gear and being forced to drop-out. This damaged the Red Bull team twice, because his position was considered unsafe so a Virtual Safety car was called out and this damaged Ricciardo who was recovering against Rosberg.

About the fight for the third place, there was some hope for Ferrari too. SF-16H car did a better performance during race but not enough to fight for first three positions. Kimi Raikkonen did another battle with his dear friend Verstappen until he could, before both they were forced to drop-out. Sebastian Vettel instead faced some problems in his rear side (It looks some pieces of the tyres blocked his back wing) so he could get just a fourth place, far far away from the leader. This result is giving him back the 4th place in the Championship.

In the back, a battle between three pilots to get a fifth place, it made the race very interesting. Fernando Alonso got a deserved result obtained with a nice strategy together with an effective driving. He decided to do not use the Super-soft like Mercedes team and he used a sequence of Soft-Medium- Medium. A nice race that forced him to battle with Felipe Massa, followed by another great overtaking against Sainz. Carlos managed in a great way his soft tires and made very hard for Alonso to beat him. The 6th place of Sainz is an important result for Toro Rosso Racing team.

In the battle between Force India and Williams, Felipe Massa finished 7th even after a puncture on his tire due to a touch with Alonso so Force India is still 10 points ahead of the British team. Jenson Button is the other pilot of McLaren to get points, making a great day for his team while Roman Grosejan performing his 100th GP gave an important point to Haas team. Kevin Magnussen finished 12th (after a penalty) and Jolyon Palmer 13th. Sauber finished 14th and 15th using a strategy of just one pit-stop. Last position was for Manor but this is not a news at all.

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