Red Bull: Infiniti is leaving too

Renault will supply its engines even during 2016 to the Austrian team but one of the main sponsors is leaving. In fact, Infiniti has decided to leave and stop a long story started in 2011 when they gave such a characteristic violet colour to Red Bull’s cars. This is the second main sponsor leaving red Bull, first one to leave was Total. Infiniti is a luxury brand owned by Renault-Nissan and a couple of years ago was very close to give their name to the V6 engine of Red Bull but this project was finally canceled.

The team was forced to renew its agreement with Renault otherwise there was not any engine available along 2016 Formula 1 championship. Mercedes, Ferrari and Honda decided to do not supply their power-units hence there was not any other possibility or option. Finally, Red Bull fixed its problem to get an engine but this time at a big price because they are loosing a bit more of money if compared with last years. During 2016 the engines will cost 27 million Euro and they must be fully paid before the start of next season.

This is the French kindness…

pinit fg en rect red 28 - Red Bull: Infiniti is leaving too