Kubica another test is ready

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Last test made clear Kubica is still capable to drive a Formula 1 car, but before to talk about a come-back, Robert would like to do another test.

Until now, there was not any doubt about the fact Robert was very fast but nobody knew if he could drive a car or not. A first step to this dream was done and a new target is set. If there are all the conditions, it is possible he will be capable to race in a championship once again. After the exhibition of Goodwood and a test on a F1 circuit, there will be another test with Renault in the future. Many rumors are saying this is the natural progress to prepare himself in the best possible way:

“I am sure next step it would be to do another test. I can not jump immediately into a Formula 1, I would not do it. If someone would call me asking if I want to race next week-end I would not do it.

This is not because I do not feel ready, but because I can not hurry along my natural process of recovery. It would be very difficult to say no, but after that incident I worked very hard on my mental health and the last couple of months were the most funny of last six years. I hope they are going to last as much as possible. Jumping too early into a car, it is too risky because something could go wrong.

If they were going to ask me if I was thinking it was really possible to come-back to drive a Formula 1, I was going to give a 10 or 20% chance. Time is going forward, I am becoming older. Formula 1 goes so fast that many people forget, just few of them want to remember. I have been a realist person from a long time and I keep both feet on the ground. Today, I give myself 80 or 90% chance to be back in the future”

Six years, waiting a day where it was possible to write a story blocked at February 2011. This last test can be considered an input to move into another position. Kubica is properly trained, even more than 2010 or 2011:

“I have never said I was never going to come-back. I knew there was a possibility. I have always said it was going to be pretty hard, but my last test proved it was not so difficult like I believed.

It sound strange, but I am not a rookie who is just 18 years old. I do not need to desire a Formula 1 cockpit with all my soul. I want to be there, only when I will be sure 100% to be capable to do my job. This is my main idea!

There are just few steps to do and I will see what kind of reactions I will have. When you drop 80% of your doubts in one single day, this is a fantastic feeling”

Next test will be soon, Cyril Abiteboul director of Renault motorsport confirmed this news. It will be at Paul Ricard circuit and it will be the second test with a F1 car for Robert. It should be done during the week-end of Silverstone, to see if Kubica can be competitive once again.

During last test, he was faster than Sirotkin but this is not enough for the Polish pilot. Some rumors say when he was busy driving in the simulator of Renault F1 center, he gave performance in line with Hulkenberg. Cyril is quite happy about kubica returns:

“First day of test was not necessary to check his performance but to get used to driving. This second test will be focused to evaluate an idea to be back in a F1 race. It is another phase of his personal and professional journey. We are very proud to help him with our car at Paul Ricard.

There are still many obstacles to overcome but he knows better than anybody else, his performance is fundamental to help him to come back as a professional pilot “

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