Kvyat: It is better to move step by step

It disappeared from radar after Formula 1 Gp of Abu Dhabi: we are talking about Daniil Kvyat. Once championship was over with a positive result, even if there was some troubles and critics at the beginning, our Russian pilot switched off and relaxed, moving away from the pressure of racing:

I have to say, when I was coming back from Abu Dhabi I was thinking: “What can I do now ?” I forgot what it might be a normal life outside racing. I used at least one week to get back to a normal rate and to be used to do something different

January was the month where he started to train after sometime spent in Rome with his family and some holidays on the Alps with his friends. Right now, his training is becoming more intense until he had to drive once again a F1 car in Paul Ricard during Pirelli test.

In view of Adrian Newey, Red Bull F1 team and his future is not going to be very brilliant along 2016. It is all related about the performance of Renault’s power-unit while Helmut Marko is already there to press Renault to focus on a team giving real technical security instead of their own official team. This is quite absurd and without too much sense: if he has not got it, Helmut shall learn that an official team has always some kind of priority versus satellite teams.

Meanwhile, Kvyat is looking to next championship hoping to see more improvements: We focus to improve step by step until we will not get to our old level. We must always be ready to be very ambitious. So far we got some little positive signals proving there is an improvement, we have to carry on in that direction

A real vision about the situation, as said before, it was given by Adrian Newey who said next season is going to be very difficult:

Frankly, it is going to be very hard. If we are going to start with an engine capable to give the same power of those used during 2014 and 2015, something quite possible, we will stay behind in the pit-lane

What do you think ? Would it be possible to get a fourth place in the final list of 2016 ? Daniel has a bit of optimism and in his last interviews, he hope to be soon ready to fight for a victory:

Following our analysis, we found out our chassis is much better than last years. Unfortunately, the other teams will improve too. I am sure Mercedes and Ferrari are going to make a step forward

At the same time, he is watching his back because a threat might come from Toro Rosso team:

With a 2015 Ferrari’s engine, they will be quite better than us if we carry on with the power-unit used by Renault in 2015. I even think Honda is going to make a good improvement. I believe their thermal engine is pretty good and their problems are in that system they are using to recover energy from their turbo. At the end, they have created a MGU-H too small but it is something pretty easy to fix during winter

It looks there are different opinions inside Red Bull F1 team, and most of them are not too much optimistic. The majority of the members are not coming-up with good expectations. Finally, Ricciardo gives an opinion about FIA and its ideas:

This 2016 will be a particular year for us. It will be necessary to see if Formula 1 will evolve in a certain direction during 2017 or in another one. We must understand if there is a political intention by those controlling our sport to allow private teams to own a competitive engine. Otherwise, if they do not want they must just say it loud and clear

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