Lauda: Driving like that it is stupid

Niki Lauda took it to heart. We can not disagree with him, the mess between Hamilton and Rosberg provoked an early ending to their Spanish GP with a big amount of controversy in Mercedes as well as outside. Former Austrian F1 Champion does not delegate his comments to anybody and following his personality exploded just after the contact with clear statements on every television channel. He was not happy at all about the fact this situation was created by his pilots and done just after 30 seconds from start:

It was a silly action, because I think it is unacceptable to see two Mercedes out of race in about 30 seconds from start

Niki picked-up winners and looser, believing Hamilton is guilty to have attacked vehement Rosberg too early in a place where it was better to avoid aggressive actions. Even more, there was no space to attempt an overtake on the right side due to a defensive movement made by Rosberg to cover his position:

It is more a fault of Hamilton because he started the attack. I do not think there is much pressure on our pilots. They are paid to win those races but driving in this way, it is stupid

Toto Wolff gave his opinion but in a more comfortable way. The boss of F1 Mercedes Team is not happy but he can understand, it was an important moment and this was a normal race incident:

Niki has a point of view like a pilot, so he loves to see everything black or white. It is quite a difficult situation, we lost first and second place as well as 43 potential points. It hurts me quite a lot. Even so, we can not blame just one pilot. It is a race incident, so it is difficult to judge. There is always a lot of pressure on our team, but it is a positive one

pinit fg en rect red 28 - Lauda: Driving like that it is stupid

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