Lauda: Verstappen Shall be evaluated by a Psychiatrist

Such a behavior shown in SPA, it was not welcomed by the Austrian who claims he will talk with his father Jos:

He crossed the line. It is too much

Niki Lauda is resolute commenting about Max Verstappen and his actions when driving during the race. He believes the Dutch pilot was not correct and dangerous. In his view that movement on Kemmels straight line to deliberately block Raikkonen, it was an intentional movement but nobody did nothing. SPA was the third movement of a personal battle between Kimi and Max. Just in Spain this battle was done with common sense. In Hungary and Belgium the battle broke any limit, Lauda thinks it is time to act:

This aggressive way to drive, those movements: he can not do it. He already did such a thing in Hungary, he can not change line every single moment. Kimi and his complains are absolutely right. When Verstappen said kimi is guilty and it is not his fault, he should be commited into a mental hospital. Pilots should not endanger their lifes without a reason

Lauda is not someone who loves to talk and just create a polemic. His wise comments are an important signal of what it is going on in F1:

I will talk with his father and I know exactly what I will say He should talk with the boy and tell him, he crossed the line. It is not necessary to do it. It is time for him to grow-up because with those mistakes he will never win a championship

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