Marko: Negotiation Stopped with Mercedes

See you in Singapore… Helmut Marko is advancing at Marina Bay everybody will know a bit more about Red Bull’s future. The Mercedes option became quite cold during last days and a goodbye to Renault is almost done (some rumors are indicating they have already received a notice by Red Bull communicating they quite their engine supply):

Our talks with Mercedes came to an end even before going into details. There were some specifics requests, but we did not arrive to such a point where we might discuss more about this possibility. We will see what engine we use in the future

This is a common dilemma for any manufacturer when they provide power-unit to a team like Red Bull and it is easy to imagine what is the greatest fear they have to find not only a competitor capable to beat them, but with a client team doing better than official team. It is like to cut one’s own throat. If we listen Marko, there is not only a possibility to become competitive again with a German V6 but this can happen with other engines too:

Perhaps, we will be able to beat the Mercedes not only with their package and than this would be more disappointing for them that if we would do this with their engines

Meanwhile, time to create the new 2016 car is becoming less and less but so far there is no idea about what engine will be available in the back:

We are not in a critical phase yet. Red Bull got some very high technical standards and we are not under any pressure like for example Toro Rosso. This is because they are a small team but something is clear: before we get to a conclusion, better it will be

During Monza GP, Sergio Marchionne repeated he will talk with anybody if this can help his company. About this option to use a Ferrari engine on his Red Bull, Marko told this:

This will not be a problem but just first step to finally get once again a competitive engine. In this way we will not find at beginning of a season with a handicap

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