Marko: Red Bull can leave F1

Sensational statement given by Helmut Marko who confirms it will be fundamental to adopt cheaper engines or they will depart Formula 1.

Dramatic sentence used by Marko, Red Bull is ready to leave F1 if during 2021 the new owners of this motor-sport will not use a new solution about the engines. This is what revealed in an interview the Austrian advisor when he talked about an idea (far to become true) to use independent power-units making in this way cheaper engines. What they want, it is to have louder, cheaper and simple engines so to increase the show as well as a fair competition among different teams:

2021 is an important date where it will be important to let-in an independent manufacturer of engines. It will be fundamental, because engines must be more simple while their price must be lower or at least below 10 million dollars.

There are many business capable to make those engines. That is the reason we believe the new owners of Formula 1, they will be capable to find a new solution within the end of this season. We think it is our option to give our opinion because we have an important role to play inside this motor-sport but at the end it is not our duty: it is a a responsibility of FIA!

If they will not go in this direction, we can seriously think to just leave

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Daniel Ricciardo is not concerned about this subject and he likes to give his opinion about Fernando Alonso and his decision to compete at 500 miles of Indianapolis. Ricci would not miss the GP of Monaco not for the world but he thinks the decision taken by Alonso was done at a right moment:

Fernando will miss a nice race but I think if you are not competing to win in Formula 1, it is normal to be frustrated. I think, taking into account all those troubles he is facing with his car, he has selected the right moment. He has chosen a right moment to compete at Indianapolis.

If I was old like him and they were going to propose something like that, I think I was going to say yes It is true, I would prefer to compete in Daytona but today this is not an interesting opportunity. Now, I want a faster car to be competitive in F1 not a car to race at Indianapolis or something similar

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