Marko: Red Bull recovered 1 second

Victory of Baku was caused by some episodes, but sometimes it is important to be ready when an opportunity is coming-out. There is an option, in Red Bull, to win with all one’s might at Silverstone and Budapest.

Silverstone and Budapest are already in their mind, while home race of Zeltweg, it might be less easy: this is the opinion of  Helmut Marko. It is true that even Azerbaijan was supposed to be a complex race but instead a smart Daniel Ricciardo was capable to use those opportunities on the road to win. During the entire week-end his RB 13 was very competitive and Marko thinks his team his recovering some gap with the other top teams:

“We did some good steps forward on our chassis. From the beginning of this year, we recovered at least 1 second. Even Renault did an important improvement, 0,2 seconds on the finishing line it is not little.

It is true, Max Verstappen got some technical problems at Baku hence he was forced to drop-out but he just need to be patient. His time will come…

It is difficult to accept four drop-outs in about eight races while your team-mate is winning but this is racing”

Silverstone and Budapest are in the list of those tracks were chassis and aerodynamic, of this Red Bull, are capable to be very competitive. Today, Marko is sure there is a new optimism about a good potential which is going to be even better in the near future when a couple of improvements will be done on the front wing:

“We are on the same level of Mercedes and Ferrari. We miss just 0,3 or 0,4 seconds from Hamilton and Vettel during a normal race. Little by little, our car is becoming faster and faster. We notice it during our qualifying, even if we can use our engine like they are doing in Mercedes and Ferrari.

I think we are moving in the right direction, so on the right tracks we can win with our might”

Red Bull has decided what kind of strategies they can use in Austria. They have selected a lots of ultra-soft tyres. Among top teams, they are the only one which selected many soft tyres from Pirelli’s list. Vettel and Raikkonen chose a couple of tyres less of that kind.

Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari decided to follow very different directions. Bottas and Hamilton will use 8 set of ultra-soft tyres, Vettel and Raikkonen will use 7 set of those ones. Red Bull, as said before, will go in another direction. A snobbery about soft yres was not a surprise at all. What is surprising, it is the different selection opted by Hamilton and Bottas. Force India and Mercedes, they are the only teams taking a big risk selecting a good amount of tyres with a violet line: 10 set tyres.

Until a couple of weeks ago, this kind of tyre was a pure nightmare for Mercedes and Hamilton. They were not capable to obtain a good amount of heat to give the right temperature necessary to use its potential. This was creating too much under-steering on the car of Hamilton’s team. It looks those problems are fixed and Mercedes is once again competitive and effective.

See you at Zeltweg…

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