Marko: Ricciardo and Verstappen will fight for championship

Red Bull is sure another big update will be done soon on the power-unit Renault, as well as chassis and aerodynamics to be ready to beat Mercedes next year. This year, they got some results over their more optimistic expectations. Red Bull is the second team in F1 manufacturers championship.

A big satisfaction came by two victories obtained on difficult circuits which they might being quite easily three. A difficult
moment came when they decided to dump Kvyat and to select Verstappen as his replacement: so far it looks they won a bet!
Helmut Marko like Dieter Mateschitz can feel satisfied without any regret about this 2016. Now, they are focused on 2017
ready to enjoy this opportunity. New rules, an important component will be aerodynamics where Newey proved long time ago to be a genius while Renault will continue to provide its power-units labeled TAG-Heuer (In confirmation of the agreement with TAG-Heuer, came also a new agreement with oil industry Exxon Mobil):

A big step forward will come from our engine, they told us we can expect a big improvement in our performance. We shall be really close to the power-unit used by Mercedes. About our chassis, we are already in a good situation. The one we used this year, it was one of the best we build so far. At the same time, any data collect on the new car we are creating it is very good and pretty much interesting. History says we did a good season every time there was a change in the rules. We believe there is a chance we can fight the championship in 2017

Fighting for such an important target, it means they have to manage in a different way their pilots. Marko says there will be no favoritism between Ricciardo and Verstappen, they will be on the same level:

We will not give any advantage to just one pilot in particular. Both are very fast as well as competitive driver, even if they approach a race in a different way. Daniel is not invisible at all close to Max and I can understand this point because I will have to pay him a big bonus this year: our pilots are paid using a bonus system. When Max arrived in Red Bull, Ricciardo started to immediately increase his performance. He got a huge potential and he is aware it is not easy at all to compete with Max

Daniel is indeed one of the drivers who is improving constantly year after year in the F1 circus. This year he could win even in Monte-Carlo if a mistake, made by his team, was not throwing overboard the victory. To understand if there will another chance in this circuit next year, Marko likes to underline:

He has not any weak point, sometimes he has not enough patience. Sometimes he tries to force the events when he could just wait to come in his way. Even so, it is a change in his mind he is working on

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