Mateschitz: Ferrari is the best solution

Dieter Mateschitz confirmed pending negotiation moving to create an agreement with Ferrari to get one of their power-unit along next two or three seasons. Main objectives are:

-to be able to fight for a podium

-to have enough time to seek among the biggest car manufacturer a potential partnership capable to generate a competitive engine

Ferrari might be a great solution to be used in next two or three years

Mateschitz also talked about a possibility to get soon to fight for a championship:

If Ferrari is not able to win with Vettel, I do not think we will be able to do it as clients. What we want right now is to be back in the first three rows at start and to be capable to fight for a place on the podium. That is what I believe is an acceptable target. Our ambition can not be to end a season at fifth or sixth place, this is a reason we need to move to a new engine. Our separation by our actual engine partner will be performed at the end of this season with mutual consent, it was clear there was no possibility to carry on working together

Mateschitz has finally used once more his trump card, the constant treat to leave Formula 1:

If we are going to leave Formula One our employees (over 1000 if we sum up Red Bull and Toro Rosso) will not remain without a job but we would recycle them inside our main group

Some rumors are talking about an opportunity to be bought by Volkswagen in 2018 and then to use their engine. This purchase of Red Bull by the German manufacturer would be done because rally is not giving a satisfactory commercial visibility around the world. If there was not this recent scandal about Volkswagen’s engines, this would be a great news but this drop in the economical value of this brand has created a serious doubt about this idea.

Even Helmut Marko is explaining, Ferrari is great and the only way to become once again competitive because there are not alternatives. Recent Volkswagen earthquake has reduced to null this possibility and the German brand will not join Formula One very soon if ever. Marko is clear about the fact they are paying a product they do not like and of poor value and that Renault will be no longer with them:

We pay a product and nobody like to invest money to get an inferior good, it was time to take a decision and we did it

Christian Horner, along GP of Singapore, explained Red Bull is only looking for a competitive engine something Maranello can afford to do. Interest of this team is to get an engine as closer as possible to the official one:

We would not be too much worried about if there are a couple of horse power less. At the end, it is very easy to test what we got using a GPS or other parameters. Truth of matter is, it is not the hardware the problem but fuel and what software is used to control it

All the same, he is sending a message pointing out after Mercedes decided to do not give its engines, Red Bull is not able to achieve an agreement to use an engine on the car of next season yet. This is something he is a bit worried about:

It is starting to get closer and closer the next season and to have a new engine ready to power our next car, it is becoming something important

Strangely enough, in all this matter nobody in Red bull Racing Team want to test the Honda and its potential. This is an important worldwide manufacturer, capable to get great achievements in Formula 1 in the past and now providing its power-units to a McLaren with serious technical problems. Its pilots are clearly on the wane and it would be better for the Japanese to have another team in their client list. Red Bull Racing Team is a competitive team with two cracked racing-drivers and with Ricciardo capable to make a difference each race if allowed to use a competitive car. Anybody believing Honda is not able to give a competitive engine in the near future is completely wrong. It would be better if Red Bull would seriously take into consideration this option and to get in touch with the Japanese brand to see how to get those power-units, before to remain without any engine to use during next season.

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