Mateschitz should pension off this man

Helmut Marko acknowledges to have communicate personally this swap with Verstappen. He explained also what was the main reason to exchange Daniil Kvyat with Max Verstappen before the Spanish GP. In reality, it is clear to everybody what annoyed quite a lot Red Bull management, it was the amount of consequences generated between turn 2 and 3 where the race of Ricciardo, Sainz and Kvyat were simply ruined. Two teams on track but no points were obtained.

Instead Helmut gave as main reason to take this decision, the fact he wanted to take away the pressure from Daniil Kvyat because, this year, he did not get the same performance of last season. He was 3 to 5 tenth slower than Ricciardo while in 2015, he was at the same level. This situation started in Melbourne when his qualyfing was not too good and he went out too early. This repeated itself in Bahrain too. It is a pity that Marko is forgetting to remember Red Bull reliability was not very good and forced the Russian pilot to drop-out even before to begin the race in Australia. During Sakihir’s race, he was capable to get his first points while in China got a good third place becoming the best driver of that week-end. Even so, Helmut Marko do not give-up and he continues to defend his opinion about this situation:

He was pretty flimsy, he had suffered many ups and downs. He did fine in China but he was the only one to blame for all the pressure he charged on his shoulders. Subsequent incident of Sochi, it is the consequence of that situation, where our team did not create any internal pressure

Old Hemlut Marko shold retire and leave F1

The Austrian advisor loves to underline, this is not a permanent rejection but quite frankly this is what it looks like. Such an arrival like the one of Verstappen in the main team, it looks like a permanent promotion and it will create a big confrontation with Daniel, making the relationship in Red Bull pretty hot. Marko believes this will be a great opportunity to evaluate properly his pilots. Any decision about their future will be, in his opinion, more simple to take. In our opinion, this is not going to help Red Bull Racing Team at all because the Dutch pilot has already created arguments when he was in Toro Rosso with his team-mate: Carlos Sainz.

We have serious doubts, Verstappen will accept to do what Kvyat did in Montecarlo during 2015 when before the end of that race, he did not have any problem to leave hi position to Daniel, five laps to go, so to give a chance to the Australian to get a position on the podium. Ricciardo could fight with Vettel and Hamilton to get a third place so Red Bull asked Kvyat to make a sacrifice, something the Russian pilot accepted to do. There was a constant respect and cooperation between the Russian and the Australian pilots but this situation is now over with the Dutch. In Toro Rosso many episodes of disagreements between Verstappen and Sainz for positions less important were pretty common.

Our dear old man, Helmut Marko, instead of retiring himself, he thought it was better to repeat his actions once again and to play chess with his pilots:

Now, we have the luxury to recover Kvyat’s spirit moving him in Toro Rosso. Grosejan was in a similar situation, he did multiple incidents one after another, so we decided it was better to avoid a similar thing. On the other way, there was an uneasy situation between Verstappen and Sainz, that is the reason about their internal problems inside the team. Kvyat is going to remain inside Red Bull’s orbit and Toro Rosso is a good team in the middle of the row. It is a perfect because it will allow him to improve his potential

It is quite difficult the Dutch will ever soften some areas of his personality, especially towards the Australian pilot. It is more possible, he will carry-on with his behavior of a spoilt child, son of a former F1 driver. Either Button and Alonso gave their opinions about this sad event, saying clearly Red Bull is becoming ridiculous. Firstful, they moved too early the Russian pilot in the main team, to drop him in the most important moment when he could learn something from his mistakes and improve his competitive spirit. Fernando Alonso suffered several incidents at the first turn where different pilots run into his car along his career. Even so, he never lost his temper like Vettel:

This year, we experienced strange episodes. Mainly after the first corner. In the last one, I was able to stay-out. Once in Barcelona, we will try to discuss and understand what is going on during the pilots meeting. I believe in China, that discussion was completely unfair. It was just an unlucky situation where nobody was guilty. There were three cars and two Ferrari touched each other.In Sochi, the entire responsibility was of Kvyat and he got a penalty due to that, so I think he will be more relaxed or careful next time

If we face reality, who is weak inside Red Bull is just Helmut Marko. It would be better if the Austrian advisor is going to enjoy a nice retirement. He is not able to manage his pilots anymore and their minds too. He is too stubborn and never sympathetic when necessary. Too weak with some of them, like with Verstappen and his arrogant father, too bad an irritable with those without an important surname. It would be better if he leaves his seat to someone more stable than him…

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