GP Monaco: Screwed Once Again

This is a circuit capable to differentiate between champions and fair pilots. Even this year, Monaco could not reward everyone but just few of them. At the beginning of the week-end there was a fear this race was going to be a long line of cars due to some serious troubles to overtake. Instead, that rain created a new scenario and an amazing series of situations. In the general analysis, we can highlight a Lewis Hamilton capable to win a crazy race, this time using his intelligence and a smart tactic. On the other hand, the way Ricciardo was disappointed by his team which allowed a bag-swathing (where our poor Australian was a victim) is really insane.

All this chaos was created by a delay to prepare the tyres necessary during the pit-stop. RB12 and his Australian driver were left on the trestle for 10 seconds: it was pretty awkward to watch it live. Finally, when he was allowed to be back on track, Dani finished just behind Hamilton. A really unfair ending of an amazing job performed by our Ricci. Someone says that is racing but it is a strange way to race in Red Bull.

Max Verstappen tested the walls of Montecarlo with a crash, paying a lack of experience. Not always pushing a boy to get a swollen headed it is going to work. Marko looks to do not have learnt this lesson, yet. Those surrounding Max, they shall start to question a bit themselves. Kimi Raikkonen did not terminate his race, too. Another main actor of Barcellona GP ended this week-end in a ugly way. Sebastian Vettel gave an impression to be capable to do something more but he stayed too long behind Massa (When the Brazilian stayed-out longer with wet-rain tires than other pilots) loosing an opportunity to get closer to third place. It must be difficult to accept that his race finished behind a Force India driven by Sergio Perez.

Force India got a great result with Sergio while Hulkenberg is not very lucky and it looks there is no way so far to get the well deserved results he should get. Daniil Kvyat could not terminate due to an incident with Magnussen but Toro Rosso got a nice 8th place with Carlos Sainz.Mclaren-Honda is pretty much satisfied by a 5th place achieved by Fernando Alonso and a Jenson Button in the top ten. A couple of crumbs were left to Williams and Haas where just Massa was able to gain one point, followed by Esteban Gutierrez and Valtteri Bottas behind him. Roman Grosejan was a victim of Raikkonen and his incident while a Sauber, Felipe Nasr and Marcus Ericsson decided to follow the example off Rosberg and Hamilton in Catalunya by crashing together. They even started an argument by radio so we imagine their de-briefing has been quite heated…

pinit fg en rect red 28 - GP Monaco: Screwed Once Again

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