Monza: Red Bull Within Limits

Red Bull team is keeping its 11 points margin against Ferrari after one of the most difficult race of this season. In fact, this race was the most complex track to be faced by RB 12 and its engine, but they put everything behind. Ricciardo is keeping an advantage of 18 points against Vettel and they feel to be able to be competitive once again in Singapore.

Chronicle of the last Italian GP, it is telling us Ricciardo did a nice job against the Williams and Bottas. What made a difference, it was the decision to stay out before the second pit-stop and to use a super-soft compound during the last laps. Ricciardo got a nice fifth position with a nice overtaking named by many TV presenters the overtake of this season. When asked about it, our Australian pilot said:

In the middle of this race, I was pretty close to Valtteri and I knew I could fight to get that position. It has been a funny overtaking, I did not want to waste all the day thinking what was going to happen if I was going to do it. Bottas is a gentleman, he saw me on the mirrors so I knew he was not going to do dirty movements. That is the reason I gave a try. Before a race, you hope for a podium but quite frankly around here we knew Ferrari got a good advantage on us. We also knew Williams and Force India were pretty competitive, so we wanted to get at least a fifth position. finally, to be fifth and seventh is a good way to limit any potential damage. What we got so far, it is exciting me and I am looking forward to next race in Singapore where I think we can compete for the first positions.

This is the start of the final period of this season, far away from Europe with a good series of opportunities to defend the third position. Singapore is one of them but there is Suzuka and Abu Dhabi too. Over there, all potential of Red Bull will have a chance to be developed. Renault wanted to give an update about its power-unit at Suzuka but it looks like this evolution will be ready at Marina Bay circuit. Christian Horner looks happy and optimistic about the future of his team:

We knew Monza would be difficult. It was a race where we were in a defensive position and I think we get the maximum result with the material we were using.  Both pilots did a good race. Leaving Europe with an advantage of 11 points against Ferrari is something positive. We move to tracks where we can show our strengths

pinit fg en rect red 28 - Monza: Red Bull Within Limits