Monza GP: Once Again the Start was Essential

Hamilton performed a bad start and gave the race to Rosberg. No matter what strategy or tires were done, this victory was stable in Rosbergs hands. Sometimes it looks like we are watching some kind of dragster racing, because by this time any race is decided just after start. The British pilot is the one who made a mistake when red lights switched off, moving back to a sixth position while Rosberg was going first after first turn. In Hockenheim this scenario was reversed so nobody appear to be immune. At the end, this F1 Championship is still open to any final result, in fact there is no one capable to be a special pretender.

Another pilot, penalized by a bad start was Verstappen and Esteban Gutierrez too. Both pilots did not start too well and their race was a continuous problem. Valterri Bottas and Ricciardo did a fair competition, with the Australian was capable to do a good race. Red Bull was scared by Monza were the engine is pretty important and the lack of power could become a problem. finally, this was not a big issue since the car was stable and capable to be competitive during braking.

Mercedes created some good tactics using just one pit-stop but being the fastest car on track did not give any worry at all. Ferrari used two pit-stops and selected super-soft, followed by some soft compound but even so they could not be competitive enough to get closer to Mercedes. This same strategy was used by Ricciardo. Vice versa, an aggressive strategy of one soft followed by one super-soft compound was decided by Romain Grosejan, but it did not give nothing more than a 11th position. He lost too much time during last segment of this race before to perform the pit-stop.

In the box, we watched many funny and bizarre situations. One problem was experienced by Alonso who could not leave the box because the red light did not want to become green. Finally, his chief engineer gave an unmistakable signal with his hand to just go. Millions of dollars invested to fight for a thousand of second less, go busted just because a light is not working.

Monza is a special track where a problem in the engine or a lack of power is becoming immediately evident. Renault, Sauber, Toro Rosso or Manor will try to have a better life on a easier track like Singapore. Notice how Felipe Nasr will not have to face any penalty in his next race due to this simple trick. His team after 10 seconds of penalty was given (plus 2 points on his license) due to his incident with Jolyon Palmer, decided to restore his car and let him come back on track to do just one lap. A distance enough to come back to his box and pay his penalty.

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