Newey, F1 will face overexpenditure

Adrian Newey is not persuaded about the way F1 is pushed forward after 2017. If there will be a final vote before 1st of March, the result is not making happy too many people. Cyril Abiteboul disclosed last week, some of the main points discussed in the meetings. One of them is related to the suppression of token system necessary until today to be able to develop an engine. There will be more freedom for engine manufacturer and an adoption of some standard components to be used to build an engine as a way to reduce cost. This should decrease some expenses related with engine supply but keeping blocked the number of engines available to a certain amount along the year.

Will this freedom level-off the difference among F1 teams ? Newey is clearly skeptic. In his opinion, this will increase cost instead of doing the opposite while Mercedes and Ferrari will take advantage about the opportunity. These are two teams already on a different level if compared with their competitors. In details, these are the points believed to be important by Adrian:

During our meetings we created a template between 2012 and 2013, coming to an agreement about engines control and limitations. It was supposed to let the teams less competitive to be able to carry on with their engine’s improvement while the others were blocked. This is not what happened and it became a race to spend more and more money. We have reached some outstanding numbers even for major manufacturers

This is not the end. He is calling freakish any opinion about a level-out of performance when this agreement will be signed. He is telling this will increase the difference between those engines used by the official teams and those used by clients:

As for me, it is really strange to see these rules where manufacturers must give the same hardware to their clients but not the same software hence equal performance

He is instead optimistic and happy about the involvement of Renault in the Tag-Heuer engine. He believes this is the only manufacturer going to provide the same power-unit and software to its official team and clients. About the potential of this new technology used in power-units, Adrian Newey got the same point of view given by andy Cowell of Mercedes AMG:

This hybrid technology is pretty young, we saw some improvements and there is no reason to suspect a sudden level-off. Those who got some kind of advantage, they will try to keep for a long period of time

In order to justify this domination imposed by Mercedes, someone started to remember history and they said this is something normal: after Williams, Ferrari and Red Bull, the German domination arrived. The President of FIA, Jean Todt, has started to compare this to other sports to make normal a supremacy difficult to eliminate:

I would be more than happy if there were different winners after every single race, but this is never going to happen… Some time of stand-out must be accepted… It is in any sport and not only in racing. Some winning cycle is part of history and they are common in sports but F1 got something special: rules and limitations are capable to change momentum

Quite often, some critics were given about the absence of clear decisions from FIA. Many people believe Federation is too much democratic but Todt got a different point of view:

Negativity about our motor-sport is really unfair, even so I am still opened to criticism. It is clear I am not happy at all but I am honest when I say: we are working in our meetings to improve the situation! Those who blame us to be too much democratic, I would like to remember them there is an harmony agreement among teams. There is a clear governance about sales management, TV rights management, the teams and FIA. Everybody is forced to talk together. I would not have any problem to concentrate the entire authority, regulation and legislative power into my federation but before a new agreement should be signed. I know this is going to be pretty difficult to be achieved

Meanwhile, Mercedes built its new power-unit. Many believed they got to their maximum technological development. Reality looks different… It is Andy Cowell working in AMG High Performance Powertrains Division, to talk about what they have done for 2016:

We have got some huge improvements in the last years and I do not see an end. Around here , I think there is nobody believing to have got near the limit. Where we are now related with thermal efficiency is amazing

Cowell has no problem at all to say what kind of power is capable to generate this hybrid V6 engine: more than 900 hp. In accordance with actual rules, there is no way to have got near the limit. He says their approach, it was always to be ready to give the best result otherwise they are going to be defeated:

It is pretty difficult to always improve but there are many areas where we can do small improvements. Between 2014 and 2015, we made a big jump about thermal efficiency and this is going to improve even more during 2016

Ladies and Gentlemen, Daniel and Kvyat: if this is true we are in deep troubles…

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