No Engines From Ferrari

During the week-end at Sochi, they were at the center of all attention mainly due to this uncertain future about what engine will be given to them along 2016. This is one reason Adrian Newey decided to come-out and speak about this subject:

It might be possible, we will be out of Formula 1 pretty soon. Mercedes and Ferrari decided to deny their engines to us because they are scared

In this way, he certified that any discussion with the last two engine manufacturers is not going anyway but he added :

They just worry to do not be beaten by their own engine. Red Bull shall not be in such position where it is just a number in Formula 1

Strange reaction this one given by Newey because if we look carefully, it was the lack of farsightedness from Red Bull itself that pushed them into this position. After loosing the argument with Mercedes, they decided to force their way into Ferrari: pure madness ! Since they did not want to make them to lack for nothing, they threat to retire them from Formula 1 one day after another hoping to get an intervention by a white knight: Mr. Ecclestone ! If in Red Bull, they can not understand that it is almost impossible to get the same engine by an official F1 team, it is better if they leave Formula 1 forever. Someone else, more serious, will fill their place like we experienced when Ross Brawn and his team came in Formula 1 giving to Button a chance to win his first world championship.

At the end, there are not too many alternatives for the next year. Better said, there is just one: to create an agreement with Honda after a bit of humility is recovered. Otherwise there is still a chance to start to work seriously on a self-made engine. An engine designed and built by Red Bull, it is a difficult but not an impossible solution.

Someone talked to move back and to use again a Renault engine, even  if possible Horner made himself clear about this possibility:

There are just two engines out there capable to fight for a championship or a race. Unlucky, Renault dropped down and it is not in this group anymore. It looks they will need at least two or three years before to become competitive

Meanwhile Horner acknowledged there was an excess of frankness during public interviews about Renault and its engine, leaving out any idea this behavior is what causing all the others manufacturer to deny an agreement with Red Bull :

I doubt we are paying our frank behaviour. Perhaps, we have been guilty to be extremely honest. We did some comments pretty hard but those made by Adrian Newey, Helmut Marko or Dietrich Mateschitz (who is paying everything) were not offensive at all. I do not think this will influence others to give their engines to us

So far, Ferrari will give their engines to Sauber, Haas and probably Toro Rosso. Haas and Sauber will get an engine used during 2015, Toro Rosso will receive the same kind of engine if an agreement will be signed. To face up their competitors, Mercedes and Ferrari decided to do in this way.

There is one last chance Red Bull might think to use. If they really want to get some engines from Ferrari and the new ones instead of an old version, they can propose to Maranello to brand their engines as Alfa Romeo. At the end of the day, Renault was calling their engines Infiniti during first years with Red Bull. Even more, Daniel has already driven an Alfa Romeo F1 car in Sicily, proving to be a perfect promoter to be used for this brand. This could become interesting for Ferrari and Marchionne because if they would be beaten, it would be an Alfa Romeo engine to have done it and not one of their official engines used by Raikkonen and Vettel.

Think about it Adrian… Think about it…

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