Ricciardo: “Ferrari can steal other points to Mercedes”

Ricciardo in GP of China 2017

Daniel started to examine some positive points of the fights in the first positions. He believes Red Bull will be soon involved in the fight while he looks to Red team, too see if they will be able to trip Hamilton up. In this way, the championship will not go into a single direction. After the bad start of Australia, he looks to China and he aims to recover soon the points lost in Melbourne:

“I want to fight to win or at least I will try to do it. It would be nice. Any pilots look to get such a result. Ferrari proved to be very reliable and fast in the first race, I think they can be a real challenge to Mercedes. In this way, we will see an open championship without a Mercedes monologue like last years. This will be good for everybody. It is natural, people loves to watch a change and this is true for us to: the pilots! Having more cars fighting together, it is more exciting”

Ricci versus Max

Between team-mate, the challenge with Verstappen is becoming more and more important everyday. The winner will obtain an important result for his own career in Formula 1:

“I hope we will fight to win many races. I am sure we will have some tough challenges. He is clearly fast, he is in his third year so he is not a rookie anymore. We both got enough experience. We hope to be in the first three positions frequently this year”

Chinese Gp Shanghai 2017

Coming back to Chinese race, this track is different from Melbourne. There is a good potential for RB13 and Red Bull F1 team. This is the GP were Ricciardo obtained the first row in 2016 while Kvyat got his first podium. Red Bull proved to be always competitive around here, this is the season Daniel is optimistic about Sunday:

“Shanghai is a track I loved little by little. When I came for the first time I did not like it. I was not very competitive (17th position in 2012, editor’s note) but when I arrived in Red Bull, I started to go very fast. I got some nice results (fourth in 2014 and 2016, editor’s note). Now, it is a track where I have fun”

Shanghai race preview

Christian Horner is not scared by the the delay of 0,5 seconds per lap from Ferrari and Mercedes. He is ready to introduce the first updates on the new car in China:

“We are still in an initial phase, the new rules must be understood. We selected a different philosophy and I think we have a good potential to go somewhere. I am sure we will improve week-end after week-end. Taking into account all those notes taken by Adrian Newey, I am sure his office will be full of task to do.

Actually, we got many good data from Australia, a track were we have never been too much competitive in the past years. I think we will get something better in the next races. This year the scenario is more competitive and complex”

First updates on the power-unit TAG-Heurer will come-up in Barcelona or Montreal, so in China there will be just an improvement in the chassis.

Red Bull, Chassis must be improved

Power-unit of this RB13 is not ready to compete with Ferrari and Mercedes. It is necessary an improvement.

Rb13 to be improved

They were ready to be behind Ferrari and Mercedes after Melbourne but that gap, of 0,5 seconds per lap, is an indication there is a problem not only in the power-unit but in the chassis too. Verstappen finished fourth at 28 seconds from Vettel after 57 laps. There is no surprise under a certain point of view but nobody is really happy in Red Bull. Until today, the real question is what shall be done to recover the lost time?

Red Bull is waiting an important help from Renault with a better integration of its MGU-K 2017 on RB13 car. They want a qualifying configuration of the engine, something today is missing due to reliability fears. Any update on the engine will come when there will be a rotation of the four power-units available along this season. Already during last winter, engineers thought an update might be possible only after Canada and Helmut Marjo confirms this gossip is true:

“There is a lot of work to do. Our speed developed during the race give us a positive thought. Even so, there is still a lots of things to do… On our side as well as on the side of Renault”

Montreal will be an important moment of this season, Red Bull will see if there is a chance to make something good this year or if this is just another season of transition to a better future. In fact, something else will be given in Barcelona to look for another step of improvement. What they have to research at Milton Keynes is to improve the chassis of the RB13. It is an important step to get closer to those who are right now a point of reference:

“I am sure that in case we improve our chassis, we will radically start to see a movement forward into the right direction. Many of our engineers got this opinion as well as our simulations.

Our engine is not delivering enough power. It is better than last year but we must improve our car too. There is not something specific, almost everything is working properly but there is a collection of factors that all together are giving this result. Because when you are missing engine power, you are forced to loose speed when you need aerodynamic load on your car. You have more drag but less speed while the others with the same amount of drag got more speed so they are faster… You do not need to be a brilliant mind to understand you can not beat them”

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