Qualifying: Old system from Bahrain

Bernie Ecclestone was not happy about the new qualifying: a rubbish! After Vettel, who said they are a piece of s…., this time the worst critic came from the man proposing a change about it. Ecclestone was not in Australia, he stayed in London but he watched the GP on TV:

I was not excited at all. They are pretty horrible. Some advantages might be faster pilots could have done a couple of mistakes trying to go really fast during the only lap available. In this way, the grid could be different. It did not happen… It is necessary to change something, otherwise we will have always Hamilton and a Mercedes achieving the pole-position

Finally, the result is pretty much the same even if Ecclestone was looking for something else:

My idea was different: to allow any pilot to qualify like before, but to add a couple of seconds as a penalty to the winner of last race. In this way, Hamilton or someone else was free to battle for the pole and increase his own personal record while starting behind in the grid. Starting from the back, the one faster than others could give battle and improve this show

FIA has to accept the idea to move to old qualifying system

It looks the qualifying shoot-out had a very short life. Rejections came out not only by Vettel and Bernie Ecclestone, but from every pilots as well as from all team managers. This is the reason, they have decided to move back to the original format from the next race scheduled in Bahrain this 3rd of April. Toto Wolff confirmed this news after a meeting done by all 11 teams of F1 Circus:

There was a meeting where everybody decided to move back to the original system from next GP in Bahrain. This decision must be approved by FIA, but we are sure it will be done soon in the next couple of days

Toto Wolff explains the reason everybody want to move to old qualifying system

Some teams did not agree with others and they proposed to create a hybrid system, keeping the actual Q1 and Q2 while moving towards old system just during Q3. Wolff has a clear opinion about it:

Finally, common sense prevailed. In this way, we will move back to something we can understand. We were going to feel really stupid if we were accepting a compromise because it was going to leave everybody unhappy

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