Red Bull Called to Prove Oneself

Red Bull is moving to GP of Russia after a persuasive performance obtained in China. Horner is aiming already to catch Ferrari with a series of bold statements, while Ricciardo got a good feeling and he is optimistic about the future:

After 3 races, we are able to prove strength we did not know to have this year. It looks like we are once again in 2014 when we were really competitive. This track do not go with our car but so far we have been quite competitive on circuits where we believed it was not possible to do a good performance. We will see what is going to happen this time

Ricciardo is very optimistic about the values of the RB12

In a different way from last years, GP of Russia will be done in April and not in October. Temperatures will be variable and they could influence the performance of some tires. Due to that, Red Bull decided to employ more super-soft tires than anybody else like the two cars of Haas team (10 set of super-soft tires, just 2 set of soft tires and one set of medium ones). What is searched at any cost, it is the maximum grip and this amount of tires might be the right choice to obtain this result without increasing the aerodynamic load.

Kvyat is happy to race at home

Kvyat is really happy about his third place achieved in China behind Rosberg and Vettel even if the German accused him to have done the first turn in a too much aggressive way. At Sochi, he already got a grandstand named with his surname and he is looking forward to race at home:

In the past, we did not get too much grip. Last year, it was a bit better but this is still a slippery track and without a great wear of tires. It is a characteristic that reduce number of stops necessary to do. Turns are quite flat and therefore are pretty unique. Turn 4 is pretty special for me and the most beautiful one, over there is where they named a grandstand to myself. It is going to be a very busy week-end and thinking about the fact this is my home, it will give me a helping hand

Wolff is not happy about F1 rules change

Meanwhile, next 30th of April, FIA is called to declare what are the rules to follow during 2017. So far, Toto Wolff believes this situation is good and modern F1 is working pretty well. Helmut is on a different page:

We were really lucky to watch some very thrilling races. In any case, those were not normal situations. In China, Ricciardo suffered a puncture while Vettel faced a contact and lost a lot of time therefore shuffling the race. Apart from Toto Wolff and those teams using a Mercedes’ power-unit, anybody else is very happy to change something. Even Sergio Marchionne agrees with us and he thinks many things must be improved. Wolff is scared to loose those advantages they got so far and he is doing anything to avoid any change of course

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