Red Bull RB14 Special Edition

Silverstone Test RB14

On track at Silverstone to perform a quick test for a day shooting of a promotional documentary: Ricciardo had the honour of a baptism of this new RB14.

Red Bull wastes no time and immediately goes on track at Silverstone for a filming day. Red Bull uncovers the cards with which he will assault the World championship, trying to defy Mercedes and Ferrari. A draft submitted with a camouflage delivery: the colour chosen was the blue and black.

There is now a desire to find out where RB14 was changed, when compared to last year project. The first photography confirm the solution of the muzzle and the system of the S-Duct in front of the cockpit. A different interpretation comes in the front air flow diverters bellies. A much more elaborated work was done than the one done on RB13. Airscopes also changed shape. A solution related to the presence of Halo was found and the inevitable influence of this on air-flow going to air intake was taken into account and solved.

Since the first images, RB14 appears different. It was Daniel Ricciardo to drive the new car, doing its first 100 kilometers for the filming day. One hundred kilometers for cameras while only in Barcelona we will discover the real RB14, to the car that will be used in Australia.

Daniel is happy with the first test in the rain at Silverstone on the new RB14:

“The trend of recent years has been to produce a very belated debut. This allowed designers to use their time as long as possible, to consider how to improve car before its first test in Barcelona.

It was not unusual to finish the car, turn on for the first time the power-unit and send everything to Spain the same day. It was functional someway but you do not do it unless you have to. This year, we decided not to follow this idea.

We decided that is better to finish the car ahead and solve every problem when it is on a track, few kilometers from the factory. In this way, we avoid loosing a precious day of those eight days of tests on the Circuit de Catalunya”

Rain, bad weather and cold. In short, climate from Silverstone in February. This is the atmosphere in which the Red Bull RB14 performed the first kilometers with the camouflage. The project was unveiled in all it newness. When asked about his feelings, Daniel says:

“It was always difficult to judge with little action…

My initial feelings are good. The car did not do anything that scared me and I can already feel that rear is quite stable. It does not matter if there were these bad conditions.

Initials signals are encouraging.

The car was very cool. It is that kind of livery you would like to see when you walk around the garage. It looks very aggressive and I really like this painting that we got today”

This test was also an opportunity to see how the new Halo is going to work. It was feared, this solution could disturb the visual but Daniel says the only problem he faced, it was to get used about the procedure of entry and exit:

“We can see well…

Before the present day, I had made only a few laps, so this set-up was something new… Actually, I did not realize it was there. Honestly, until we have not done a few couple of races, we can not have a definite opinion.

It is quite inconvenient when you have to jump inside the cockpit or even get out of it. Probably, one day I will tear my adductor muscle, but that is okay.

This is a small challenge that we will overcome…“

In fact, Red Bull has done this test also to take advantage of the possibility offered by the regulations. It is possible to make a few kilometers if they are made for filming on the test track, only if tyres used, they are not those selected for testing or during race week-end.

This did not represent only a first contact with the new machine, but an initial review of the systems. This way, your able to work to uncover any hitches that can greatly slow down the work. That way, they can work better for the debut in Australia.

Daniel concluded with this final say on this day of test at Silverstone:

“It was a long day in which try to make everything work together. It is probably better to carry out here this check rather than in Barcelona.

This does not mean we will not encounter problems in Catalunya, but the bulk of the preparatory work has already been done at Silverstone”

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