Marko: Next Year Red Bull will beat Mercedes

Helmut Marko is one of the managers inside Red Bull and he is ready to fight for the next season. He claims the Austrian team is just missing 15 horsepower. He defends Max Verstappen covering the true while he aims to a better future where Toro Rosso will use more technology developed by the main team.

Helmut is one of those guys capable to create always an argument. Last year, his great diplomacy with the French car manufacture created a big crack in a long relationship between Renault and Red Bull, together with a childish behavior. It is clear this is not a person capable to create good relationship but very good to make enemies. Now, it looks he changed his mind and he is trying to obtain a new agreement with the French corporation to use their engines for the future. Even more, he would like to move back Toro Rosso to use the engines made by Régie.

Singapore is the next GP, one of the best place where RB 12 can do a good performance. Last year, they were really competitive even if the season was a disaster. It would not be a surprise if Ricciardo and Verstappen might actually try to win. Marko is focusing only on the next year and its potential:

We think to be ready to make a great season next year. We always got great results when there was a rules change not concentrated to make a different engine. Even so, any work done so far on our engine, it is going in the appropriate direction. In 2017, we are sure the difference with Mercedes will be about 15 horsepower. Our idea is to challenge Mercedes team in the next season. In fact, the new rules and aerodynamic is actually allowing us to make something different from the past. Our engines are obtaining some nice results on the new car, even if just the track can actually give us a real answer

Toro Rosso is going through a difficult moment where any update so far done, it did not give a satisfactory result. Now, they want to move back to Renault engine while when something goes wrong Helmut is very good to blame Kvyat instead of doing something effective on the car:

We will try to use more technology from Red Bull, so we will help Toro Rosso while reducing costs to a minimum. We will follow any option allowed by rules, even so I suppose Toro Rosso will be able to work quickly and be independent from Red Bull. We wanted to give Kvyat a possibility to recover when we made the swap. We are observing him and we hope to get the result we want him to be, if something goes wrong this is him! Technical problems, tires problem, anything it is following him

What about Verstappen, Helmut? A Holy man, he can do what he wants

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