New Renault Power-Unit. Will Ever Come to Light ?

Before it was supposed to come-out during GP of Russia, now it is delayed until next GP of Austin but there is even a chance the new Renault engine will never be used. This would force Red Bull and Toro Rosso to compete all this Championship using always the same power-unit. It is quite possible in Renault there are people loving an idea to bring out the new engine at the latest so to avoid to give indications to Red Bull.

A possible excuse will be to claim the new unit is not ready due to reliability problems. This would end with Renault sued by Red Bull, but it is not a weird idea the French prefer to loose some money but to keep for themselves their new engines. On the other side, Horner is awake about the steps forward made by others. Christian is talking without mincing one’s word to define the evolution achieved by Mercedes during Monza:

Friday were simply scaring, then they probably experienced some kind of problems with Rosberg because it looks they moved back to their old engines. In any case, the step forward done Friday was incredible. They belong to a different club so far

Right now, it is not clear if Red Bull will use a power-unit made by Mercedes or Ferrari. Horner talks about the improvements made by Ferrari and its power-unit and the advantage they have related with a possibility to improve it even more:

During qualifying they were surely closer than Friday but during race we noticed what laps rate they had while Lewis with intermediate tires used during last stint was capable to create a huge distance. I bet you, before he was simply managing that difference. As said before they are just on another Planet

What is really strange about all this show about engines, it is the fact that Red Bull has never taken into consideration to get an engine by Honda to move their cars. This is the engine used by Senna to create his legend which won so many Championship in the past. It is difficult to believe Japanese will not come back to victory sooner than later in the near future. Even more, by not having an official team they do not have any personal dilemma to solve.

Helmut Marko, would you like to fly to Japan and meet some Honda’s top managers too see if a Honda power unit can be the solution ?

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