Ricciardo: Bet on Red Bull this year

Mr. Smiling Killer is happy about the new RB13 introduced to the public and journalists. This is the car created to beat Mercedes or at least to make a difficult life to Bottas and Hamilton. It is a different car from the last ones, brakes are bigger and more powerful as well as tires became wider. This year, all pilots will be required to have more stamina and strength in their muscles but at the end just a competitive car will allow the next champion to beat everybody else. Daniel is pretty clever and he knows this simple idea:

This year our training, to prepare a new season, was pretty funny. January has been a fundamental period of time, especially if you do it in Los Angeles! It was exciting! Anything was more intense and finally I can eat much more after a training session. What was my exercise program? A bit about everything: boxe, gym, bike and so on, so on Yeah About our new car, I think we can be a good challenge to Mercedes. If we achieve the same improvements of last year, I am sure we will beat them in some circuits. Last year, it was an important year for our team, we finally got an opportunity to fight for a victory or a pole position. It was an important step to go where we would like to be. If what I have been told about RB13 is true, I would suggest to my Australian fans to bet some money on Red Bull this year

At the same time, FIA has decided to give more freedom to the pilots when they are racing. This will avoid those unfair situations we watched last year, in fact pilots will be able to compete more on the track. Situations, like the battle between Rosberg and Raikkonen at Sepang, this year will remain in the field of a normal race battle.

About Valtteri Bottas, Daniel is clear about his opinion and the luck of this Finnish pilot who can finally prove his real value:

Bottas got a great opportunity this year. We will see what he will do. About myself, I can not regret anything. I could not be in a better place than Red Bull Racing Team. It is clear that to drive a Mercedes is a big temptation, but I think this 2017 will be a different year and I hope this RB13 will be the champion

This year, any team will not have any limitation in the improvement of their power-units. Teams will be allowed to use four power-units along the season: it means every 5 week-ends there will be the opportunity to use a new one. Helmut Marko looks forward to Barcellona test when Renault will introduce an update to their power-units:

We got some important signals. Our gap with any competitors is reduced. I think we should be in a nice position when we will arrive in Europe to compete in the local circuits. I think there is not any difference at all with Ferrari, except if they do not do a big jump but even if we are not on the same level of Mercedes, I am sure we will catch them pretty soon

Horner is happy about this new RB13 and he thinks it is necessary to increase the power of the engine without loosing efficiency or reliability on the power-unit. Fuel consumption and energy recovery will be, in his opinion, some fundamental field to research since aerodynamic load and mechanical grip is bigger than before:

I think we can use the same aerodynamic load of Mercedes this year. We are not forced to stay three or four steps below, so to do not loose too much speed on the straight lines like we were doing last year. In 2016 our set-up was always a compromise because the power of Mercedes engines, it was impossible to match. About the HCCI system and a potential surplus of power to be used during qualifying, it is not clear if it will be possible to use it Even so, I think there will not be a big difference between our engine and the one used by Mercedes

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