Ricciardo: I will Be Champion in One Year

Christian Horner decided to hold him in Red Bull along next two seasons. Ricciardo is aware to be one guy capable to replace Raikkonen in the future, when Ferrari will finally decide to make different choices. On the other hand, Daniel is not worried about the market anymore so what he concerns him is just to have a competitive car: it does not matter if it is a Ferrari or a Red Bull. In fact, he feels that it was given less than what he was potentially capable to get. Next Friday, he will be 27 years old and 96 are the races he did so far. One pole-position in Monaco and three victories but he is looking for much more:

This is the best moment of our season, so far. In China I could get an important result like a victory but like in Monaco it just did not happen. In Monte-Carlo I knew I was going to have my best chance of this year. There was not too much pressure, but I knew it was possible to get any first pole-position in my career, so it was a relief to obtain this result

Right now, our Australian pilot was not very lucky and they did not allow him to achieve a bit of glory. This Red Bull is not able to constantly allow him or any other pilot to fight for a championship like Vettel was able to do. This is not making Daniel too happy about:

I can clearly say, I am waiting from too long. Normally, I do not like to watch anybody else but just focus and judge myself but I feel uncomfortable to think about Sebastian: he is just two years older than me and already four time World Champion. I do not say life was unfair with me, but I would like in next 12 to 19 months to get a car capable to fight for a Championship or as many victories as possible. I think it is absolutely possible such a thing in 2017 when rules will change radically

Recent past was a nightmare. Last season was full of troubles and with an engine under a competitive level but those lessons learnt  during those complex moments made him a better pilot:

I learnt a lot during 2015. Moving from a good car, we were driving in 2014, to a sudden step-back: it was not nice at all. Even so, that experience was good to become a pilot capable to maximize those good days opportunity when they were coming-out. At the ed, those moments prepared me to focus about this year in a more professional way so to get more from those good days. Now, we got a better car than 12 months ago, I believe I am capable to use in the best possible way as well as more frequently

pinit fg en rect red 28 - Ricciardo: I will Be Champion in One Year