Ricciardo: What a disappointment this Russia

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Sochi confirmed to be a harsh moment for Red Bull F1 team, moreover a technical problem to his brakes forced Ricciardo to drop-out during the start. Everyone is looking at GP of Spain and to get those technical updates on the RB13 to improve this situation.

Verstappen was fifth with more than one minute of delay from the leader: Bottas. Red Bull was really far away from the fight for an important result, even if this was predictable in Russia. Now, Red Bull is forced to throw oneself to Barcelona and RB13 version “B” with an important coming-out. What you can wish, it is that simulations done inside their factory, at Milton Keynes, they will be confirmed on the track, giving some good performance. Even if it is not nice, a fifth place it was the maximum objective during qualifying as well as the race, they could get. Besides a performance not too nice, there is also that drop-out provoked by a problem to brakes after another one occurred during Bahrain’s race.

If we keep in mind what we watched so far, Red Bull is the major team missing in a battle among three competitors. Sebastian Vettel surprised many journalists with his Ferrari, but he did not forget such opportunity to underline the absence of Red Bull from this championship:

“I hope Red Bull will find soon a good performance. There are many rumors about those updates they should get. I know they are a strong team and I am sure they know how to build a fast car, so the question is when and not if they will achieve it. Before they will do it, better it will be for this show”

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Meanwhile, Red Bull’s pilots are simply waiting for a better future reducing any damage or problem. Max Verstappen was pretty much a spectator during Russian race:

“The start was really important and I solved it pretty well. That was the only moment of action for us. I was able to overtake Felipe and Daniel, after I did a lovely race. I was watching those in front of me to go away while at the same time I was leaving behind those following me. From there, I just focused myself to bring my car to the finish line.

We got some problems during the morning, so my team decided to change my thermal engine and turbo while recycling some old components on the MGU-H. I was lucky, they did not disrupt my pace and I was competitive enough.

I am happy, my team did a great job without too much time. In my last stint, my pace was nice and this is a good detail to take with us after this race. Now, we look forward to Barcelona and we are optimistic about a potential we will develop in the second part of this season”

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It lasted few laps the race of our dear Daniel Ricciardo: a problem to his rear brake forced him to drop-out. In his post race interview he said:

“It is really frustrating, you simply prepare yourself for Sunday and you store as much adrenaline as possible to use at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, but this time it was over pretty soon. I was never allowed to fight as I wanted to do.

About the evolution of RB13, we do not really know what we are going to gain with those new components. We will use on track in a couple of weeks, so we hope Barcelona might be a first step to get closer to the leading teams”

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