Ricciardo: in 2017 Forced to Train More

After a couple of laps in the simulator, it was enough to understand his neck will work much more than this tear. New tires will increase the speed inside any turn, just speed on the straight lines will be reduced a bit due to this increase of the grip. Paul Hembery talked about it few weeks ago, so the pilots will try to be ready for the new cars and tires available along 2017. Ricciardo performed an initial work in the simulator to test those innovations on the front and rear. New front tires will be 60 mm larger while rear tires will be 80 mm larger. Aerodynamic load will be bigger, so there will be more grip available. New rules made difficult to perform those test with the real car, so there is only an opportunity to work on the simulator. Hembery believes there is a 20% of improvement if compared with performance obtained by the cars used this season. When asked about this experience in the simulator Daniel said:

I gave a try last week in the simulator, using a simulated 2017 car. Few laps with a configurations useful during 2017, believe me: it is sure we will not get those top speeds we did this year. There will be more grip and aerodynamic drag. During a turn, this car looks special. There is a big amount of speed and grip as well as more G force on my neck. We will be forced to work harder, so the training this winter will be fundamental. It is going to be necessary to work much more this area. Today, we are already training quite a lot our neck but I think next year, we will double it. We will look like rugby players

Many drivers, like Alonso, were calling to change and move back to that period of time were after a race, pilots were dead tired due to an intense physical struggle with the car. Next year, it looks the Spanish will get what he wanted. Daniel is not worried to much about this new set of rules and he looks forward to get revenge in Monaco:

If I look back to my qualifying in Monaco, it was very funny but there were some places where at our maximum limit but I liked to go even faster but our car could not generate more grip. I believe this new car, in 2017 will give me what I was looking for this year. I think Monte-Carlo will be amazing next season

Sepang was another opportunity to win a race, like Monte-Carlo were we know the Australian lost due to a mistake made by his team. A second place in Sepang was not bad at all, but Daniel wanted a victory, so to win the battle against Ferrari, it will be very important to do a good job in Malaysia and Japan:

Sepang is a bit like Singapore, there is a high temperature and humidity. I love the track, there is a nice sequence of fast turns, a nice opportunity to overtake in turn number 9. About the Championship, to be frank before the summer break I thought Hamilton was in a great position. I doubt anybody was capable to challenge him but Nico came back. Now, I think Rosberg will win this Championship! It is quite funny to look their relationship. Sometime is quite difficult for me to be on the podium with them: there is a huge silence! I do not like when it is too much. Sometimes, I try to talk to myself or start a talk with one of them but they are happy to remain in silence between them. It is awkward and sometimes funny!

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