Ricciardo drop-out from Melbourne

A sequence of problems, in front of his fans, made impossible for Daniel to obtain a good performance at Melbourne.

This is not the way Ricciardo was thinking to race in Melbourne or to drive in front of his public. A mistake during  qualifying made everything more and more complex. He remained without a good time to start and a damaged car. After he had to change the gearbox loosing more positions and moving back to the 15th place. A position on the grid he did not even catch up because an electrical problem did not allow him to come-out from his box. His team did a nice job fixing it quickly but the race was already started from two laps. After 25 laps, another technical problem forced Daniel to drop-out. Ricciardo let off his steam after the GP:

“This is not the week-end that I wanted to have in Australia. It is very frustrating that all those problems were here at home. Two times, our car blocked itself and I could not do anything about it. Pff… It is the first race, we can just improve.

I am bitterly disappointed, but this is the past. Tomorrow, I will wake-up motivated to win in China, meanwhile I am sorry about my fans: I am sure they were loving to see one of my victory. I thank them and about the fact they supported me. Even when I drop-out, they carry-on supporting me and to scream my name. I feel much better, I really liked their support”

About Red Bull and the potential of his car, Ricciardo likes to say:

“My guys worked very hard, many hours along the entire week-end. I think they did a nice job and a miracle when they allowed me to come back on the track but it was not useful.

I think Max was going pretty fast during the race. His race pace is heartening, hence I think we are in a better position than what we think. It is still difficult to understand what is necessary to do. If any Australian fan got some energy and time, I hope they can come to China where we will perform a better race”

Horner explains the problems of Ricciardo at Melbourne 2017

Christian Horner was more clear about the problem Ricciardo experienced on his RB 13:

“A nasty start for Daniel, he had a problem with a sensor working on the gear. It blocked his car in sixth gear. It is incredible the job our team did to push him out to race. Nobody, gave-up and they did something to allow him to switch-on his car and go out to compete. We hoped that a safety car might help us to recover few positions. It did not happen but it is not the end of the world, we did some kilometers and we understood a bit better our car. Unluckly, during lap 28 there was a problem with the fuel system and his car stopped. We have to investigate a bit this problem and understand what created it”


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