Ricciardo: Hamilton could not win three championship without Mercedes


Our Australian pilot is sure cars make an important contribution to win a championship.

Lewis Hamilton was the leading character of the last season of F1, but Daniel Ricciardo thinks this success was obtained with a huge help of Mercedes. A F1 car is still an important component to obtain a victory. That is the reason Dani has this opinion about the British pilot:

If Lewis was racing with a middle level team, he was not going to win three of the last four championship. A good car is fundamental! Even if a good pilot is necessary to be competitive, I think what is really important is the car. I would say 75% of a victory is obtained by the car while 25% by the pilot.

If only we could increase the amount of importance given by a pilot, we would watch a more interesting competition. A 50/50, it would be better and I think it might be possible in the future. Today, between Lewis and the last ones there are three seconds of gap. A real gap, keeping in mind pilots’ skills, it shall be no more than one second. We just need to decrease the difference among different cars and we would watch funny races”

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Christian Horner gives a comment about Liberty Media and the reason is necessary to give more time to see what they can really do. After the critics given by Niki Lauda, Red Bull Racing team principal has decided to defend the new owner of F1. Horner talks about Liberty Media and the reason is necessary to give them more time to see what they are capable to do. This after Mercedes, Ferrari and Renault have expressed some real critics on the new rules coming into force from 2021 about the power-unit. In fact, these teams believe there will be a level-off in the competition.

Lauda thinks the ideas of Liberty Media are pretty scaring. In his opinion, they should pay attention to increase the incomes taking into account there is a constant increase in the cost for all the F1 teams. He was polemic about the need to follow an improvement of the show, in fact he thinks this is not a TV series where it is always necessary to have an unexpected event. Lauda believes the new power-units will force the car manufacturer to more investments, making worse the Formula 1.

Horner has a different opinion and he defends the long term plan of Liberty Media:

This time, Formula 1 has called some real professionals like Ross Brawn. In my opinion, he is doing some effective analysis.

Their ideas are right, a bit slow for the point of view of Niki Lauda but it is unfair to make their life miserable after just 9 months.

There is not doubt they have not given the full schedule. It is a different system from the old one when there was a small structure. There was only Bernie and a couple of ideas. Now, they have got a team only in charge of the marketing. They have a real structure and this is going to cost something.

Red Bull does not have any problem with what they are doing. The ideas of Liberty Media are welcome. We will watch with a certain interest their plans for 2021 and next years”

On the other side, Ross Brawn challenged the teams which do not agree. He invited them to prove there is a better way to do things. In the opinion of Liberty Media manager, all the proposals about power-units might be changed.

What is really important, it is that any proposal is going to reduce costs and attract new brands.

If you listen to pilots and supporters, the solution is really simple: it is just necessary to go back to old thermal engines. This would fix any problem. Like we said this summer in our article, there is no intention to eliminate power-units but to force new generations to accept an electrical F1. Before or after, they will merge Formula E with F1. There is not any intention to build a V10, V12 or V8 with different technical solutions to fix any problem. Car manufacturers are pushing on hybrid technology while looking for a cost reduction like FIA. Liberty Media is interested just about the business and how to make money so nobody will push on the thermal technology.

In brief, a fix where it looks difficult to be capable to get an agreement. Those to be disappointed will be the supporters and pilots: this mean your opinion!

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Ross Brawn gave a clear comment about the critics given to Liberty Media and FIA. He believes there is an excessive complain about their new rules, ideas and opinions about the future. There is a need to change something in F1 and what is necessary to do, Brawn thinks it is about the possibility for any new team to join and be competitive in a small amount of time if they work properly reducing the gap between old teams and new teams. This is something not everybody like and there is a normal resistance to a revolutionary idea about this new Formula 1:

This engine is amazing from an engineering point of view. At the same time, it is not a great engine to do a race. It is really expensive and he is not doing too much noise. Its components are always creating some problems and penalty. This is making F1 a joke!

This is a kind of problem capable to scare any team to join this motor-sport.

Right now, I have been disappointed by the answers we got.

We might introduce our ideas in a different way, but I was not expecting this kind of reaction. I think it is really important to maintain the identity of a Mercedes, Ferrari or Renault engine. They must be allowed to say: this is my engine!

In my opinion, we did not overcome any limit. In fact, a portion of our proposal is loved by someone and hated by someone else but never the same portion is loved by everybody”

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