Ricciardo: I have a dream

Ricciardo wants to win his first World Championship

The Australian driver spoke about his future: he would like to have Hamilton as team-mate.

Daniel would like to take Lewis Hamilton as his team-mate. He thinks it is something positive to have a strong team-mate. He believes it would help to achieve his first Formula 1 World Championship.

His Red Bull contract will expire at the end of 2018 and Ricciardo has already expressed a desire to take into account other accomodations before starting any negotiation for a renewal with his F1 team.

Daniel started his career into Formula 1 in the Red Bull Junior program and he will begin shortly, his fifth season with the team based in Milton Keynes. His desire is to find a team capable to win the F1 world championship. Current contract of Lewis Hamilton is going to expire at the end of 2018, too. Right now, the chief of Mercedes (Toto Wolff) said that a renewal is only a question of time.

Ricciardo talked about his future with Racer and he is sure there are good opportunities:

“I would like to have a team-mate of Lewis and give a try to beat him. Probably, they will call me liar, but it would be my desire to have a team-mate very fast.

There are two reasons: I would give the best results and the feedback that will come-out they are always going to be truthful”

daniel max - Ricciardo: I have a dream

On the other side, Verstappen says he is confident his car would have been the one to beat with a Mercedes engine.

Using a Renault engine, Red Bull has won along four years many world championships. From 2010 until 2013, Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull have triumphed. One a switch to hybrid power-unit V6 in 2014, the Renault engines became unable to express the same competitive level as in the past.

This is the reason, Max Verstappen is confident that the performance of the new Red Bull’s chassis might be really good:

“Red Bull would dominate if it had the engine of Mercedes. I think if we were going to have this engine in the back, they would not see us.

The reason it was we were not competitive, it is because to cover-up our lack of engine power they decided to opt for a low-drag configuration.

Now, there is more confidence about the future and we hope to go into the right direction”

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