Ricciardo: Hungary, I am ready

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In the last three years, the Australian driver of Red Bull Racing he has always been capable to be on the podium of Budapest.

Daniel Ricciardo is ready before this Grand Prix of Hungary, in this circuit he was on the first three positions during the last three consecutive years. He got one victory and two times a third positions:

I did something exceptional here in Hungary, the year 2014… An incredible race! This track is nice, I like it and I always did something positive.

This Grand Prix of Hungary comes in a particular moment of a Formula 1 season: during summer! In this period of time, our cars are improving and before the summer break, there is a chance to get a positive result. This year, we have got more grip than last one so I think it is going to be even more funny. Second sector is amazing: one of my favorite. If it is going to be hot, it will be a difficult race hence it will be better to avoid to eat too much meat the night before! ”

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Daniel Ricciardo is getting closer to be thirty years old but he is still young. When someone asks him what is inspired by, he starts to talk about Valentino Rossi. Our Australian pilot reveals, the Doctor of MotoGP is one of his idols. He is surprised by his mental strength more than anything else:

He is ten years older than me but he is still there to compete: he has a strong physical and mental health! I have been told that between his first victory and Assen one, many years have passed: around 21!

He is an inspiration, from his physical health to anything else. MotoGP is a kind of sport pretty difficult for your body, where there is a lots of risks to be injured. Rossi is still there fighting to win a championship: incredible!

He does not allow anything to influence himself, whatever happen outside a circuit he is still focus and ready to race. He takes care of any other obligation with a great mental stength, I know the kind of commitment necessary to keep everything under control. It is not easy! I am surprised Valentino is still capable to do it and to be ready to compete against a younger generation of riders.

It is amazing… ”

serveimage?url=https%3A%2F%2Fi.ytimg.com%2Fvi%2F i rBmwlqQk%2Fmaxresdefault - Ricciardo: Hungary, I am readyMax Verstappen is instead involved in an argument with Sebastian Vettel after the Grand Prix of Silverstone. The Dutch pilot repels the attack of Sebastian. The Red Bull Racing’s pilot overtook after start Vettel, defending his position from some attacks of the Ferrari. Vettel complained by radio about his opponent and his aggressive movements to defend his third place.

Something not fair, this is the opinion of Verstappen, particularly after the hit of Vettel against Hamilton during Grand Prix of Baku:

He can not talk like that after what he did at Baku.

We shall not take him into consideration, particularly after what he has done in another race and how it was managed. Our fight was normally a bit tough, but not dirty”

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About the strategy for this Grand Prix of Hungary, many pilots have selected their tyres. The Grand Prix of Budapest is the eleventh competition of this championship, scheduled from 28 until 30 of July. An identical tactic has been selected by Ferrari and Mercedes, if we keep in mind the communication of Pirelli. All four pilots have decided to choose: a set of Medium, three set of soft and nine super-soft over a total of thirteen set of tyres available. A strategy of ten set of super-soft will be used by Renault, McLaren, Williams, Force India and only Max Verstappen for Red Bull Racing. One team has decided to use less red band tyres and this is the Haas team: just eight set over thirteen.

Daniel is ready! Be sure to be ready too. This race is going to be very funny and do not forget: be all you can be for Daniel! Share this message around the web…

We must help him to win his first F1 championship!

Meanwhile cross your finger because it is possible  this Sunday our Daniel will win another race if there are not particular problems…

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