Ricciardo: I took the opportunity

Nice race done by our Australian driver, in Belgium he was capable to get a third place.

Daniel Ricciardo is very happy about a third position obtained in Belgium GP, using a penalty given to Kimi Raikkonen. Ferrari’s driver was forced to perform a stop and go, leaving Daniel free to overtake him:

“Yeah, Kimi got a penalty so I was allowed to overtake him. I knew we got a competitive pace and after the safety-car, I was sure we could do a great re-start. When safety-car was called in, I gave a try and it was nice to beat Bottas.

I know about Verstappen, I am sorry about his problem…

But, I would like to thank our fans! Their support is really important…”

Verstappen was not very luck, he faced another drop-out because another technical problem happened to his Red Bull. While Daniel was doing his fifth podium, Max Verstappen did his sixth drop-out. Another problem to his power-unit Renault. The Dutch pilot said he is not happy at all and he was shocked when his power-unit started to work once again when he came back to his box. It was just necessary to connect a spark-plug:

“It was a software problem. After breaking a couple of engines this year, they made a protection mode and when it is starting this loop, our engine does not run anymore.

Once my car, came-back to our box, they disconnected a cable, connected once again and the engine started to run. They prefer to do not take any risk, so they do not break the engine but I prefer to break it instead to see how is switching-off”

We can say, it is just a point of view because the final result is the same: without transport. When there is a breaking, it is necessary to change an engine together with a power-unit and you get a penalty next race. Christian Horner adavanced a potential idea to change the power-unit before Monza but this will bring close a penalty because this is the fourth one this year. Verstappen does not cover his up-set and the fact this situation is wrong:

“I talked with Helmut Marko and I told him I am not happy at all. You go to holiday, you relax after a terrible period and when you come-back to SPA everything is wrong.

When you sign a contract with Red Bull Racing team, you hope to get a competitive car: so far we do not have it. That is the reason I told them I am not happy at all. Day after day, nothing is improving… Just going from bad to worse.

I know this is not the fault of Red Bull Racing team but at the end the entire team is responsible together with Renault.

What is going to happen?

We will see at the end of this contract…”

Christian Horner was not very satisfied, too. After the race, he complained about the engine manufacturer while he would like some solutions in the near future:

“Renault is aware how reliability and his product are not very performant. It is their duty to fix those things. We pay to get a good engine and today we see a service below an average level due to break-up and technical problems. We pay a high price to get this engine, what we need it is to see a solution. At our level, you can not allow all those failures we experience day after day. It is hurtful.

It can happen in a top-team. Initially, you can say it was bad luck and it is racing. When it is happening the sixth time this year, you can not call it bad luck. It is a very frustrating situation, you work hard along the entire week-end, a nice qualifying and you look forward to race but after 8 laps you have to drop-out.

I am speechless… It is a tough year! “

Right now Red Bull Racing team is collecting points ony from Ricciardo. He is the only one to take any opportunity. After a penalty to Raikkonen, a drop-out of Red Bull car number 33 and a safety car, he is the only one to overtake after restart with Valtteri as a victim. A winning movement done at Kemmel, without him this team would be competing with Sauber or Haas team. Helmut Marko should keep in mind…


Lewis Hamilton won this race where he started from pole-position, covered from any attack done by Vettel who used ultra-soft tyres along the entire race. There was a potential option to overtake after restart but Sebastian did not use it. The British pilot is now getting closer to Vettel, first with 220 points while Lewis has got 213 points. Bottas is third with 179 points, Raikkonen 132 points and Ricciardo got 128 points:

“Vettel is a difficult pilot. It was very hard along this week-end to compete with him, my team did a fantastic job. I would like to thank this public, their support was special: it was incredible.

Today, we gave a great show. I was coming here when I was a child and I would like to say that sometimes dreams come true”

After this victory at SPA, Lewis is in a very good shape. This circuit is special for him, in fact he got his 68th pole position. He equaled a record done by Michael Schumacher and he look it does not want to stop.

Next circuit is at Monza, the only race to have been scheduled more than Monaco GP.

See you there…

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