GP of Russia: Rosberg is Doing Four

Rosberg was leading from the first to last corner, followed by a Raikkonen capable to overtake Bottas. Meanwhile behind there was hell to pay: Kvyat hit Vettel and Gutierrez with a consequent chaos. Vettel slowed down unexpectedly at turn number 3 due to a puncture suffered by Perez and his Force india. Kvyat was surprised and he hit Vettel another time terminating the race of German pilot against the wall.

Incident between Vettel and Kvyat

Safety car was called in and after restart, Raikkonen attacked Bottas overtaking him. This action allowed Ferrari’s pilot to finish his race on the podium, giving the 700th podium in F1 to Ferrari team. Raikkonen could not defend himself by the recovery performed by Hamilton which allowed English pilot to end second leaving the Raikkonen the third place.

Sochi circuit

Except for start, the race was pretty much fair so deserved are 4th and 5th place obtained by Williams team with Bottas and Massa. Good result obtained by Alonso (6th) and Button (10th), capable to give the first points to McLaren F1 team. Important those points achieved by Magnussen with his Renault while Force India did not celebrate its 100th Gp too well. Hulkenberg dropped-out after start while Sergio Perez suffered a puncture and lost a lot of time. This is the 4th consecutive victory of Rosberg who has obtained already 100 points while Hamilton is just 57.

Coming back to the crash between Kvyat and Vettel, Russian pilot after the race said:

I will talk privately with Seb and I will tell him I regret this incident

This was not possible just because Vettel left the circuit before the end making it impossible. That is the reason Kvyat called him by phone to tell him his disappointment for this event. Vettel went to Christian Horner during the race to give few comments about his crash and Red bull’s team principal once asked about this episode, he gave this opinion:

Kvyat is a good guy and he will learn something from this mistake. He did a mistake… One that compromised Vettel from doing his race and Red Bull to get a positive result as well as many points! He was excited to race at home and I think he was simply surprised by the sudden slow-down of all cars involved in this event

Helmut Marko and Ricciardo were not happy about what happened. The Austrian was never too kind with his pilots. He moves them like pawns from one team to another, hiring and firing without any patience. It is difficult to see a pilot staying too long with Marko if he is disappointing him. Kvyat is in F1 from 2014, so this is his third season with him. A good time, if we follow Helmut’s ideas to prove oneself or to be dismissed (Speed, Liuzzi, Alguersuari and Vergne are good examples). Ricciardo requested some apologies towards him and the team. Using this situation to created discord or to get a psychological advantage is a dangerous movement that our Australian pilot should avoid. In this particular moment, it is quite important the team is going to keep together while working in the same direction.

Sochi GP 2016

It is clear Red Bull has improved, but it will not win the championship. Due to that, it is really important that both pilots work together in harmony and not one against the other like Vettel and Webber did. Helmut Marko should avoid to burn young pilots, mainly because this Russian pilot last year gave a lots of points to a team with an engine not very competitive. Cutting heads, it is a game that can give strange consequences to a F1 team. If we look the former Jaguar team, the so called Mr. McKnife was well known for firing pilots and anyone doing a simple mistake. What was the consequence? A reign of terror that vanished the team. In this case, it would be better to be patient and look at the future, working all together with the intention of achieving what is better for the team: Leichester football team proved this is a successful approach.

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