GP of Spain: Lucky Victory for a Lucky Dutch

GP of Spain finished in a surprising way with a lucky victory of Max Verstappen, becoming in this way at 18 years old a winner of a F1 race. A big series of factors helped quite a lot this pilot. Many people do not want to see what really happened on track and they do not do nothing else than to acclaim a pilot that he is not Ayrton Senna or Michael Schumacher. Even more, some people believe our Daniel Ricciardo is a piece of boiled meat and he will never win a race once again: probably they do not know too well him.There was one moment when Jos Verstappen’s son was not too bad and it was at the end when he was able to counteract properly Raikkonen, who was faster than him. Even so, an important factor was the kind of track they were racing on because it is very difficult to stay too close to another car due to the turbulence and the configuration this circuit is made of.

Max Verstappen winner of Spanish GP

Without those factors and a suicide tactics between Mercedes pilots, this Dutch pilot was not going to win so easily. The incident of Hamilton against Rosberg is one struck of luck like never seen before. This together with a Red Bull strategy terribly helpful to Verstappen against Ricciardo, made this possible. In fact, there is a big suspect about the moment when they split strategy, giving the riskful one and less effective to the Australian who was leading the race. Perhaps, since Ricciardo is not a very important surname and keeping in mind what kind of treatment was given to Kvyat, it should not surprise anymore that Red Bull decided to push forward Verstappen. After all the acrobatics to move the Dutch in Red Bull and let him win, ignoring any other pilot, our Australian driver should start to plan his future carefully and look somewhere else: Sainz is another important surname…

Ferrari was not good to select a strategy

In this story, a nice help was given by Ferrari too. A team pretty good to help other pilots, using good strategies to win but finally not very effective while Vettel appears to get confused quite often in the last year. For the first time, they have a situation without the Mercedes but they were not capable to win even this time. They were faster then the winner on many areas of the track without being effective and this time there is not a Russian to blame because he was behind. Hamilton and Rosberg continue in their personal fight, creating a stupid crash just after 30 seconds from start making Lauda very happy. Vice versa, Bottas got a nice 5th while Massa obtained a 8th after starting from row 18th. A nice race was also performed by Sainz who became more relaxed without the intrusive presence of Verstappen’s family in Toro Rosso. Free of any technical problem, the Spanish got an important 6th place.

Kvyat finished 10th with an important indication he is still focused ad reliable, bringing some important points to Toro Rosso. Jenson Button gave some useful points to McLaren after finishing 9th, Alonso instead was forced to drop-out 45 laps. A bit better than usual (not enough anyway), Sauber and Renault, both teams got a nice help by those cars which did not end this race. Even Force India got some useful points with a 7th place achieved by Sergio Perez. Nico Hulkenberg was forced to stop due to an engine problem and discover what incompetent are some Spanish racetrack officers. A flame was coming out from the back of his VJM09 but nobody was capable to put-out it. Hulkenberg was forced to take away a fire extinguisher and aim it to the right spot. About safety we can not reduce our attention…

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