This F1 is more boring than chess

This tires with high degeneration is one of the worst thing we could actually experience in a GP.

Do you allow me to be frank? I agree with Michael Schumacher and what he was saying about this F1. I would like to take one step forward. All this philosophical discussion about the tires and its level of degradation with a Universe of blends, it is actually going in the wrong way in my opinion from the very beginning

Why? Because this is the reason Formula 1 was changed into a boring, complicated and flabby show like a chess game played underwater by two scuba divers. I personally believe this kind of show is obscene and of no real value for his fans.

If you think about it, from the very beginning of this Motor-sport anything is quite simple: you get a certain car, you have to push to its limit and find it, being faster than anybody else in a certain amount of time.


No, not at all! On the contrary, from 2011 FIA decided to change this simple idea, forcing a F1 car to use a kind of tires where degeneration is really high. In this way, uncertainty is over the top with the intention to push overtaking and create a show at each race. Pirelli has no responsibility about this madness, they simply perform their duty in the best possible way and with not too many test where they can really understand what those tires can or can not do. It is in the main room where they are a bit drunk. Each race became a more and more complicated game of mysterious, esoteric, tactical game, where the show is never really seen but a chaos is faced every week-end. It is really difficult to watch two F1 cars competing under the same conditions, because each team does the race with their own classified strategies.

This situation is even worse than those period of times where there was the chance to perform a refueling during a pit-stop. It is like to watch 22 cars which they are there just to race against themselves and the clock. Sometimes, by accident, they battle each other and many times this is caused by two different type of tires on board, therefore this difference in performance allow someone to have an advantage. There is not a real competition

Do you call this a show? Are we kidding?

What they are creating, it is an artificial competition among different cars with different tires just because  one selected a soft tires and another a hard ones. Nothing else.

Even more, when they are at the end of a race there is a start of a long line due to the need to save fuel, energy, engines, gear box and anything else like if there was a war and it would be necessary to save materials. Sometimes, it looks like this is a competition among Scottish men taking the piss out of us. Meanwhile, Team principals travel by helicopters, teams owners have yachts and the smallest paddock is more expensive than a city hospital. Here we are, this is the hypocrisy while after five years we are going from bad to worse. Anybody accept this with a servile obedience like if this was the best possible F1.

Mutatis mutandis, it is like if in NFL we would force one team to wear high-heeled shoes and the other team a sport shoes but after a while they swap the shoes. At the same time, quarterbacks would wear a pair of oven gloves to launch the ball so we would watch a nice show and a thrilling match. Hip-hip, hurrá.

If someone was going to try something like that, NFLs supporters were going to take federations managers and hold them upside down. In F1 nobody is hold accountable while they destroy this Motor-sport.

We accept anything! We put up with anything! Always!

In fact, to enjoy a race we memorize who is using a red kind of tires, who selected the yellow ones or who is taking a risky decision to select the white label: feeling guilty if we think this is not exciting at all but just a sick, stupid methodology to race. It would be common sense to race using just three kind of tires: slick during a dry race, intermediate with a bit of rain and fully-wet when it is raining cats and dogs.

This Motor-sport must gave more value to driving skills and not to tires selection process

The winner should be the pilot with a better mind, foot and hands while those going to box are those with technical problems instead to break balls to those in the box by forcing them to perform a fake pit-stop like a 70 $ bill. At the same time, you would stop to piss us: your fans!

We would not be upset if we see a real race and not a calculation of the appropriate tires sequence.

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