These are the Tires of Next Year

If we compare old tires with the new ones, it is crystal clear the amount of change will be experience next year. Last test, performed after Monza to check the new solutions and the tires for next season gave interesting results. In Spain, Raikkonen followed by Vettel gave a try using the Ferrari SF15-T of last year. At Castellet there was Wehrlein, test pilot of Mercedes F1 team using the car of 2015: Mercedes W06.

Tires selected for 2017 are pretty wide, but they will not be the only change. Aerodynamic will experience a huge change too. Everything, it was selected to increase corner speed so to make a F1 around 4 seconds faster. If we look this photo, we can understand what is the difference between old and new tires. New tires are 25% wider than the old ones, on the front and the rear side. Technical data about this new option is: 305/670-13 on the front and 405/670-13 on the rear. To make it clear, front tires are 6 centimeters wider while rear tires are 8 centimeters wider. Wet tires are similar but its diameter will change slightly: slick tires are 670 mm high, medium rain 675 mm and full wet 680 mm.

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