Red Bull, Verstappen Instead of Kvyat

They were not happy at all about the start performed by Daniil Kvyat during Sochi GP. They immediately called out their dissatisfaction in Red Bull after the race. It was not the double contact with Vettel but Christian Horner and Helmut Marko were more disappointed by the damages provoked to their team of Milton Keynes. In fact, both teams (Red Bull and Toro Rosso) ended without any points because the chaos provoked by Kvyat damaged Ricciardo and somehow Toro Rosso too. Ricciardo asked for some kind of apologies from Kvyat. This increased the pressure and irritability inside the team. A mistake, it was better to avoid because this kind of discussion as well as request shall be done in private meetings and not on television. Hopefully, our Australian pilot will be more clever in the future…

Verstappen will race in Red Bull from Spanish GP

This race ruined just after start,so this is what moved Helmut Marko’s mind to take a radical decision. During a meeting with Kvyat, the Austrian consultant has decided to move back to Toro Rosso their Russian pilot while promoting Max Verstappen in Red Bull Racing Team. With a public press release, Milton Keynes team made official this staff turnover from Spain GP. Christian Horner has given this information on television:

Max proved to be a very skillful pilot because his performance in Toro Rosso are very impressive, so we are very happy to give an opportunity to drive a Red Bull car. We are in a position where we have four pilots with a long-term contracts and two official team like Red Bull and Toro Rosso to use. We are very flexible, so we can use this characteristic whenever necessary and help us as well as our pilots. Daniil will continue his personal growth in Toro Rosso, a team he is used to work on together and this will help him to recover his potential

An important failure that endanger Kvyat’s career, moved back in the breeding ground for an unspecified period of time. Was not better to forgive the mistake and allow the pilot to carry on? There is a lot of time to take a decision at the end of this season, while taking into account this mistake and the future results of the Russian pilot…

pinit fg en rect red 28 - Red Bull, Verstappen Instead of Kvyat