Verstappen: The Playstation Generation

Max Verstappen is a member of the Playstation generation and an idea of give me everything and now. During SPA, Red Bulls pilot exaggerated. Even so, anybody who followed Verstappen from a long-time knows he drives always like that. He was impetuous when karting, he was impetuous in F3 when he was pushing away his opponents to get a position, so he could not change in F1.

In the last race, he exaggerated because he followed his old ideas and pushed out of track many opponents with his tires: mainly Raikkonen, one person he does not like at all. Verstappen made clear he drove in this way and aggressive just to get a revenge. This the worst possible way to get something. Raikkonen said by radio that Verstappen was just worried to find a way to kick him out of track. Somebody, like Jacques Villeneuve, called for a penalty when talking on TV about the race:

They are leaving him to do what he likes. What are they waiting to give a penalty ?

Verstappen is a member of a new generation of pilots which used the Playstation where it is possible to attack, hit and do so over and over again. This false feeling of being invincible and untouchable is creating an idea where it is possible to get everything as well as immediately. What really matters, it is this kind of behavior is dangerous because it can damage Verstappen and his career while isolating from other F1 drivers. They do not forget and they can give a strange repay in the future. It would be better if he is going to improve his driving but normally people get worse with time instead of making their own personality better.

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